Nollywood Movie:The Wedding Party


‘There aint no party like a Lagos party’



The Wedding Party is premiering tomorrow (Nov 26) in Lagos.

The story is about the lavish wedding of Dunni (Adesua Etomi) and Dozie (Banky Wellington) and all the crazy and funny things that happen on their big day.


I had the pleasure of watching the film during it’s debut at TIFF this September.

Everyone in the theatre for the film enjoyed themselves. This was a great romantic comedy that had many twists and turns but left the audience constantly laughing. While watching the film many people were talking back to the screen and yelling at certain characters.

With TIFF the audience was very diverse and people from different cultures and countries all enjoyed the film. After the film I heard some people from India talking about how weddings are similar to the one in the film where they are from. This showed me that at the end of the day we are more alike than we are different.

Everyone in the film performed amazingly. I was happy to see RMD in the film (yall know I love him). Banky W surprised me, I didn’t know that he could act,  he was good. The main person I was happy to see was Sola Sobowale she is such a legend and a big part of my Nollywood experience back in the day. I cannot see anyone else playing the mother of the bride. She did an amazing job, such talent. I love her so much because she reminds me of my own mother, especially the character she played in this movie.

Kemi Adetiba did a beautiful job directing this movie. It was big, beautiful, bold and fun. There were so many scenes that I enjoyed. The one that stood out the most for me was when the family of the Bride danced into the reception. That scene had people in the theater wanting to get up and dance. I went to see the film with my mother and she was singing along (she lived in Nigeria for awhile and speaks Yoruba). Another scene that was hilarious was when the pastor was praying a very West African Pentecostal prayer (you can see a snippet in the trailer), that had people laughing and many saying Amen right along with the characters.

The Wedding Party will be out in theatres in December. If  you get a chance do see the movie.



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