What’s Happening Ghana? A Piece of Dubai


I like to know what is going on in Ghana. I try to keep in contact with friends and family out there to help keep me in the loop. Some people out here say it’s like I’m in Ghana with all the information I know. I even have a friend that considers me her go to person for all things Ghana.

Certain things that happen in Ghana can be interesting and sometimes it can be confusing the way Ghanaians act or react to a situation. From time to time I will post about things I find interesting that are happening in the country.

Today when I woke up and checked my Facebook timeline I saw a lot of people in Ghana and abroad talking about something. Many of them kept throwing around words like ‘disco lights’, ‘innovation’ and ‘Dubai’. I knew I had to look into what everyone was talking about and get an idea of what was going on.

I found out that the current government has  commissioned the completion of the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  The main purpose of the interchange is to ease the busy traffic that passes through that part of Accra.

A fountain and statute of the first President of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah were redesigned.

Now you are probably wondering what makes this an interesting situation to write about? It’s the reactions from Ghanaians that makes the commissioning of an interchange project intriguing.

Politics is so serious in Ghana that people take sides and stick with them no matter what. Some people are NPP til the end and others are NDC (the current party in power) til the wheels fall off. So no matter what their party does they can find a way to make it sound innovative and whatever the opposite party does will always be bad for the country.

Some people praised the current Govt and said they had done and amazing job of the interchange project.  They put up aerial shots of the location and said that now Accra had a piece of Dubai in their midst. Others referred to the recreational water park with as a waste and the lights surrounding it as disco lights.

All day people have gone back and forth. Some cant wait to go and visit the location and take pictures and marvel at how far the country has come under the leadership of NDC. Others are upset that Ghanaians can be so gullible and fall for these tricks and small tokens so close to an important election next month. Many talked about a lack of constant electricity and water for the whole country but people being amazed at the lights and fountain at the water park.

Im just intrigued people had all day to sit behind their computer or phone and debate whether a water park  with lights was necessary. I’m intrigued that some people refused to agree that it’s great that the interchange had been completed because it was done by a party they don’t like. Im also shocked that people are calling this interchange ‘Dubai in Ghana’. I have never been to Dubai but I have seen pics and I know for a fact this infrastructure cannot compare to the structures that are found in Middle Eastern country.
Politics in Ghana has the ability to clog some peoples minds that they cant see the good or bad that is happening around them. They are quick to tow the party line no matter what.



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