New Things on the Blog


I have decided to add a few new things to the blog. There are two I just want to explain briefly. The rest will be seen as time goes by. 

Sista Panyin means big sister in Akan (language(s) in Ghana). I always wanted a big sister that I could turn to for advice, lessons and encouragement. With the Sista Panyin posts I hope to be that for anyone out there that needs a big sister, young or old, in their life.

Sometimes I might come off a bit Ghana Momish, but that is because I care and I’m also a Ghana Mom in training (and proud of it).

I feel my experiences are not meant for me but to help someone else who will end up going through the same situations and need help to navigate this world we live in.

Mango Pick is my way of still having a music component to the blog but not weekly like Song of the Week (which wasnt even weekly). I want to introduce music, musicians and producers that are creating amazing music, music that I think is very juicy like a mango (I have a thing for mangoes). So these posts will be a bit more detailed and have more feeling and insight in them.



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