Song of the Week: Adekunle Gold- Ready

Adekunle Gold- Ready

The Song of the Week is by Adekunle Gold who has quickly become a fave of mine. You might be asking  ‘Do you understand Yoruba?’ Does that matter? Good music is good music. Also I think in a past life I was probably Yoruba.

Adekunle Gold has some great music I didn’t know what song to pick. Decided on ‘Ready’ because the video is a bit funny. Everyone around him is in love and he is out there searching but couldn’t see the girl right in front of him.

Fave line of the song “BellaNaija calm down, you dey make me jealous”. Is this not true? You go on the site and you see the pics and read the stories and can’t help but be a bit jealous.  I don’t have an Ayo to fly me to Paris, then Dubai and then propose to me on a private yacht near the coast of Morocco.

Enjoy the song.


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