GH TV Shows: Cocoa Brown


I enjoy watching The Delay Show on TV (when I’m in Ghana and there is light) and YouTube (when I’m home in Toronto). Delay has interesting interviews [side note: most of her interviews are done in the local language of Twi. Some people do respond in English sometimes but not often] with celebrities in Ghana. It’s one of my ways of staying connected to the popular culture back home.

I was excited to hear that she was creating a new TV show [It’s in English so you can check it out]  called Cocoa Brown based on her life.

The show is about Cocoa Brown, portrayed by Priscilla Opoku Agyeman (aka Ahofe Patri from Boys Kasa fame) a small town girl with big dreams of being the next media mogul. We follow her as she goes through ups and downs in life and love.

There are only two episodes online and I really wish we could get more episodes. I enjoyed both episodes. I want to see what happens in Cocoa Brown’s life.

Yall her love life has been messed up from the beginning. Her first boyfriend had the audacity to tell her she couldn’t be an entertainer but had to be a housewife (this isn’t to say being a house wife is bad, some of us aren’t built like that). I’m hoping it gets better for her.

Umm Cocoa Brown Team if you end up seeing this please put more episodes on YouTube your fans abroad would love to see more.

Below is the first episode watch and let me know what you think.


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