Making A Difference:Reuben Griffiths Bekoe and Walk 4 Charity

When your birthday rolls around what do you usually do on that day? Do you sit and meditate and reflect on the past year? Do you spend the day with friends? 

Those who know me know I don’t joke with birthdays and usually plan a party to celebrate with friends and family. I feel like it’s my day and I should spend it celebrating the day I was born.

Would you spend your birthday doing charity work? Giving to the less fortunate? How about spending the whole week of your birthday raising money for those in need? Not many of us would make such a sacrifice, right?

That is exactly what one young man has decided to do. His name is Reuben Griffiths Bekoe and today (August 1) is his birthday. He has decided to spend this week (Aug 1-6) walking from Kumasi to Accra (google the distance to see how far that is) to help raise funds for children who are dealing with cancer. The money will go directly to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi.

Reuben hopes with the organization Walk 4 Charity to raise GH₵ 50,000 (around $16,000 CAD) that will go towards helping families who have children with cancer pay for treatments that can be very expensive.

This is a very selfless act that you hardly see anyone attempting these days. I really commend Reuben for taking on such a noble and daunting task. I can’t imagine walking 40 km a day. 

I spoke to him early this morning because I was curious to know where he would sleep while walking and he said in a tent. I have to applaud this young man. I couldn’t do that. I love volunteering and charity work but I go home when I’m done and haven’t done anything that would exert to much physical strength.

I’m wishing him all the best. He has really changed my mind at how I think about fund raising and charity work.

If you do want to donate to the cause here are your options.


Here is a link to his interview with to learn more about why he is doing this. 

To get more information on how the walk is going you can check out his Twitter and Instagram page. 






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