Where You At?



Hey everyone,

I have been so sporadic on this blog but it was not my intention. I have been  slacking paa. Kafraa. Please forgive me.

Before 2016 started I decided I was going to take a big step in my life. I wanted this year to be a year where I followed my dreams and didn’t let fear get in the way.

In order to give my dream  (which i will share at a later time) a chance to flourish I had to stop focusing on the blog.

I’m still learning how to allocate proper time to this blog . Got myself a real cute agenda (the pic above) and everything to try and get organized. Pray for me that I keep that up.

So this post is to just apologize and promise that I have some things lined up so the rest of the year will be filled with great posts where we laugh, cry and learn.




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