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get to know


So I feel this is a perfect time to just tell you lovely people who read my blog a little bit about myself.

Name: I go by the name Dee

Current location: Live in Toronto, with dreams of one day living Ghana (will write a post about that in the future). My parents are from Ghana and left for a different kind of life.

Things I love: Music, Books (and reading them), I have a thing for post-its, pens and colourful notebooks to write in. I would love to travel more.

Something Random: I love Ghanaian movies. My fave Ghallywood (I hate that name. Can we not have a meeting and change it?)  movie from a long time ago is Beyonce President’s Daughter, (my friend click on the link you wont regret what you see) for all the craziness that happens in it.

It should be required viewing for every GH person just to see where the movie industry started after the hey days of great movies like Who Killed Nancy.  Speaking of some say her husband killed her. I say everyone killed Nancy. I’m still mad at her husband, he couldn’t send the money directly to her?


On my personal Facebook I play a game called “The Questions Game” where I answer random questions and then my friends also leave their answer in the comment section. It helps us get to know each other a bit better. So that is what I will do here. A big thank you to my friend  Journey To the Soul of the World for supplying me a good amount of the questions.




What did you want to become as a Kid? I wanted to be a Lawyer. For a very long time that is what I thought I would do.

What kind of upbringing did you have?  My mother was strict but loving, so basically your typical Ghanaian upbringing during the 80’s, 90’s 00s. The way some GH moms are so relaxed with their rules I get shocked. In our house God has always played a major role. I was first Catholic and now I’m a West African Pentecostal (trust me there is a difference).

Who do cherish most in your family? My mother. Everyone else is aight. lol. She is number one.

If you had the chance to change one thing about your past, what will it be?  I feel everything is a lesson to teach me something I needed to learn.

What makes you happy? Babies!!  They are so adorable.

Are you rich? One day in Jesus’ name I receive it (you see the West African Pentecostal side?) I feel I am rich in life and experiences.

What do you do as pastimes? Read, listen to music and watch YouTube videos. I’m an introvert.

Where do you desire to live for the rest of your life? I do love Ghana plan to raise future family there. But maybe grow old somewhere else. It sounds weird but I get scared I will get ‘stuck’ in Toronto. I love it here but it can’t be my forever.

Do you have real friends? I hope so. But only time and situations can answer that question.

Who do you share your worries with? God and my mother. It sounds some way bi right? From experience not everyone wants to help you with your worries they just want to listen and maybe later use you as a filla somewhere else.

How is your typical weekend like? Work. Work. Work. Work. For two years I have been a hermit. Only go out once in a blue moon. Working on that. (will write about it).

If you were president in Ghana for a year, what will you be your critical agenda? Focus on Education and Children. I keep saying the older generation is a loss (sorry not sorry). You can start fresh with younger people. Educate them properly and show them the right way to go. I was shocked 2 years ago when I was in Ghana for Independence and my babies didn’t know why they got to stay home on March 6th. They just knew it was what you do.

What did you study in school? Has it had any impact in your career? Political Science, Public Relations, and some other stuff I hate listing everything. Not sure if it has. I just think differently than others. I always noticed that, but didn’t want to give too much credit to school.

If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for? I would like to have a Borga Highlife Party. It will be for merriment purposes. I don’t want to say anymore because people are not creative and steal. If I see a flyer for a Borga Highlife Party after this post I will sue.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? The typical one people say is Oprah right? So let me add mother Oprah, Les Brown, TD Jakes, Paul Carrick Brunson, Gloria Buckman Yankson and plenty more. I have plans to be multifaceted. Google the other people if you don’t know the names.

If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be? Currently working on it, will let you know later.

If you hand to change your first name, what would you change it to?  Hadassah. I love that name.




2 thoughts on “Get To Know Me

    1. Never thought you would see my post. But it’s the truth, been following your work for a while and admire what you have done.

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