Traveling to Ghana: Leaving the airport



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Now you are on your way to baggage claim. You will have to be on the look out for your bags at the carousel.  If you are like me your bags are distinctive (I love bright colours and polka dots) and you wont have a hard time finding it. If your bags are really heavy you might even be able to find a fellow passenger to help you out with putting your bags on your cart. Try and ask a fellow passenger if you ask someone that works at the airport they will expect a tip from you.

Now let’s talk about tips. I have no idea why but you will probably be “tipping” ppl at the airport a lot. One trip to Ghana I spent about $10 in tips at the airport for the most random of things.  As time goes by I don’t tip unless I feel like it. Don’t let them intimidate you or make you feel bad.

Leaving the baggage claim area you will pass by a check point where they will look at your luggage and information to make sure everything matches up. They might ask you to open your bags (have the keys for the bags on you) and show them what you have inside and the purpose for bringing it into the country.

Once you have passed that check point, you are on your way to heading out of the airport. Follow the signs to lead you out of the airport. If all else fails follow the line of ppl in front of you making their way out of the building. There will be one last check point before you exit the airport.

Before you exit the airport there are places to change money and a place to get a SIM card for your phone so that you can make a call immediately to get in touch with the people that are meeting you at the airport.

At this point if you look confused while trying to leave the airport you might be the prime target for someone trying to help you find your way out of the airport.  This good Samaritan will tell you that they want to help you find your way to whomever is coming to pick you up or to a taxi outside. Please understand that after they assist you they will expect a tip, because even good Samaritans have to feed their family.

Making your way out the airport you will see many people standing at the entrance looking for their loved ones (some may even have signs with names on them). This is where you will find your family and friends waiting for you to take you home. If no family is there this is where you will find a taxi to take you to your hotel.

Now you are ready to start your trip in Ghana. Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Traveling to Ghana: Leaving the airport

  1. Spot on but you forgot to mention that sometimes luggage can take a while to arrive from the plane. A little luck, no jammed belts, and baggage placement determines whether or not you don’t have to wait long. Sometimes it can be complete chaos you know what I

    1. I have noticed that if you take an earlier flight you don’t wait too long because there aren’t too many planes arriving at the same time. But you are right the wait for luggage can be long and tedious. Also if you get a glimpse at the way bags are sometimes thrown on to the belt you will be scared.

      1. Yes! So true…If you get a day flight things run so much better. I am usually getting in around 8pm or 9pm flights so hence my luggage issues, lol. I have seen the way they throw the bags so I always make sure to keep fragile items with me at all times. I just hate it when a good suitcase is broken due to poor handling.

      2. Never take a good suitcase to Ghana. Hockey bags and duffel bags are better. Unless you have expensive durable luggage that can stand the abuse.

      3. The technical aspects of luggage is so serious…lol… It takes some serious thought and strategy when going to Ghana. When I was younger all these luggage restrictions were not so bad. Now you have to make a game plan. You don’t want a flimsy bag because it won’t survive one lift . You don’t want a bulky case because it will weigh a ton before you even drop any clothes into it. Hahahahha…never the less I wouldn’t give up traveling to Ghana. I enjoy every part of the process, it’s a badge of honor one must earn.

      4. Lol. The science of packing for Ghana. It really is a badge of honour and a great learning experience.

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