Traveling to Ghana: Arriving to Kotoka Airport


By now you have enjoyed your so-so plane food (Some airlines provide better food than others. Lufthansa was nice but they don’t fly to Ghana anymore), loud snoring of the person 2 seats in front of you, the baby crying in 23J and were shocked by the fight between one passenger and the flight attendant who said they couldn’t have anyone more wine. This last  happened on a flight I was on. Some auntie was UPSET she couldn’t get anymore wine and caused a big commotion on the plane when they told her there was a limit of 4 (mini) bottles in an hour and she had passed the limit.

This is the point where the pilot informs you that it is only a few minutes until the plane lands at your final destination Kotoka International Airport in Accra. As the plane starts to descend people will be anxious to get up and start planning the quickest way they can get off the plane and beat the line to immigration. [I figured the best way to avoid lines.  Find a flight that will land during the day. Now everyone is not allowed to do this or the airport will soon be full during the day as well].

When the plane has come to a complete stop and the seat beat light goes off your fellow passengers will rush to get their bags out of the overhead compartment and head straight to the front doors of the plane (someone will push you it is inevitable).

When the doors of the plane open don’t be surprised by the rush of heat that will hit you, it is like opening the oven. Ghana is hot don’t forget that. You have finally arrived in Ghana.

arrival sign

Once you walk down the stairs of the plane, you will take a shuttle bus that will take you to the airport. The drive in the bus is not long at all. At this point you will then walk into the arrival hall. You will see different lines for people to wait in such as ECOWAS, Diplomats, etc. I cant remember the names of all the lines but pick the line that applies to you.

If the day you land, other planes have also landed from other countries be prepared to wait in the line for a long time. I know some people have complained about waiting in line at Kotoka and how horrible it is, but nothing and I mean nothing compares to the long wait I had at JFK. I shall never go through that airport again. You can handle waiting at Kotoka. I heard they did renovations recently to the arrival hall so maybe that makes it a nicer experience while you wait.
only pic i could find im not sure if it looks like this

While waiting in line, have all your documents (passport, immunization card etc) ready. Don’t be surprised if someone buds the line. They are probably some “big and important” person or have a friend that works at the airport and cant be bothered waiting in the line with us common people. Such is life.

When it is your turn approach the counter have your passport and the paper they gave you to fill out on the plane ready. At this point you may be asked a few questions (like the reason for your visit). The most important question you will be asked is how long you will be staying in the country. Answer this question truthfully because they will write the number of days on the page where your visa is located and when you are returning home they will look at that number to see if you overstayed.

baggage claim sign

Once you are done there you will head out to the baggage claim area to collect your bags.


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