Traveling to Ghana: Getting on the plane


So you have prepared for the trip and got all your items in your suitcase and now it is time to head to the airport for your trip to Ghana.

If you are like me you will buy your ticket when KLM, Delta, British Airways etc have a seat sale (I’m not at the point in my life where paying $2000+ for a plane ticket is ok). This means every other GH person will be travelling on the same day as you, so you must prepare.

You will be able to spot those of us traveling to Ghana at the airport because we are the ones with our bags opened rearranging items and using the scale to weigh our bag in advance. Don’t judge us. We need to take all that stuff to our relatives back home.

Do get to the airport on time to check in and make sure everything is ok with your luggage and your information. 

If you are traveling from Canada like me there are no direct flights to Ghana, so you will have a stop over. The best thing to do is plan your flight so the stop over time is not too long. One time I waited in Amsterdam 8 hours for my flight to Ghana. I wanted to cry.

While at your stop over make sure to keep all your bags close to you at all times. That means if you have to use the restroom, you drag you carry-on into the stall with you. Never have your items out of your site ever.


As you wait for your flight to Kotoka do have something to keep you occupied. I like to read and listen to music. If that doesn’t work for you, you can make new friends with other passengers or listen (eaves drop) to GH grown ups gossiping and talking about how relatives back home are ungrateful and don’t appreciate all we abroad have sacrificed for them.

Don’t be surprised if you have to check your carry-on luggage at the gate. This will happen because your fellow GH travelers have brought too many items with them on the plane. Some people take advantage of the Duty-Free situation (especially at Schipol) so there ends up not being enough room. If you want to really avoid this situation buy a business class ticket. KLM economy section sometimes has you feeling like you are in a trotro.

Now you are on the plane and have about 6-7 hours until you reach your destination in Ghana. Relax and try and enjoy your flight.


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