An African City S2E13- Flight or Fight (Season Finale)

This has been a very interesting second season for the show. I enjoyed the ups and downs and seeing character growth from the first season. I’m planning on writing a little over all review on this season later.  The season finale was written by Nana Mensah (Sade) and directed by Chris Attoh (he played Charles this season). 


Nana Yaa was looking forward to some time alone, but she kept having flashbacks to her time with Segun. This made her feel like something was up with Segun and she had to find out. Nana Yaa checks his Facebook and learns he is moving back to New York.


E13-Adoma tells the girlsE13-Adoma tells the girls2

At dinner the next night with the girls, Adoma tells them she is moving back to the States the next day. Nana Yaa is shocked at the news. Sade starts laughing at the fact that Adoma seemed to be all pro Africa but couldn’t even last a year in Ghana (living in Ghana is not easy. you have to be prepared, mentally and financially to live there and give up the comforts of North America). Adoma explains that she has received a job offer in the US she couldn’t pass up. Nana Yaa tells Adoma, they all had offers but Ghana was home. Makena tells her that Ghana is “theirs” no matter how crazy it drives them.

E13-Adoma tells the girls3

Ngozi asks Adoma for the real reason she is leaving Ghana and if it has something to do with her finance. She says no and he will be staying back in Ghana and they will have a long distance relationship. Sade laughs out loud again at this news. Zainab tells Adoma that long distance relationships don’t exist in Ghana (not true. it’s just something you have to work on and maintain or it will fall a part). Sade tells Adoma that her fiance will have a new traditional wife by next week with 2 kids (rude).

E13-Adoma tells the girls4E13-Adoma tells the girls5

Nana Yaa demands to know why she is leaving. Adoma tells her that she couldn’t handle it. She says she got tired of dumsor, sexism and water shortages. She tells her she wanted to have Mc Donald’s once in awhile (Clearly Ghana was an idea that Adoma loved but the reality of Ghana was too much for her). Nana Yaa felt sad, betrayed, disappointed and guilty by this revelation because she knew what Adoma was talking about.

Sade went out on a date with her “friends with utilities” Nana Osei. It was a real first date for them. While on their dinner date Nana Osei tells Sade he will soon be getting a gov’t contract worth 75 million dollars. Sade seems very intrigued by the number. As they are talking the waiter approaches and tells Nana Osei his card has declined. Sade asks the waiter to try the card again because it might be the system acting up.

On their following date, Nana Osei brings up the gov’t contract again and says any day now he will be receiving 45 million dollars. Sade asks him why the amount has changed since the last time it was 75. He tells her there have been some budget cuts. This made Sade think about going back to dating wealthy, unavailable men. The bill comes to the table and Nana Osei asks the waiter if he can pay with a cheque (not sure why he takes her out to places he cant afford. this explains why his utilities weren’t working). Sade tells him that it wont work out them dating. He asks her why? She can’t give an answer. He asks her how dating wealthy men has been working out for her? She’s taken a back by the statement.

E13-Zainab at workE13-Zainab at work2

Zainab was at work when she was told she had a visitor. She had heard rumours that a South African conglomerate was interested in buying her business and now he was here. Zainab meets with Mr. Vanwick in her board room, where she asks him what he is prepared to offer her. He writes a number down on paper and Zainab is shocked at the amount. She tells him that she needs to run the figures by her board. Mr Vanwick tells her he needs an answer by the end of the week. Zainab is happy at this news.

Wedding planning and eating no carbs was making Ngozi stressed. Robert was packing and Ngozi was trying to stop him. She tells him she thought they would fly out to Nigeria together. Robert explains he has to help his mother with planning the reception (why is his mother planning the reception?). Ngozi asks why she hasn’t met his mother? He tells her she soon will (why haven’t they met?). Ngozi tells him it’s strange that they haven’t met yet and accuses Robert of not wanting to marry her. He tells her she is being silly and should go back to eating carbs. Ngozi goes off on Robert accusing him of not liking her vegetarian meals. Robert tells Ngozi not to bark at him and she assumes that he thinks she is a dog and starts a fight with him.

E13-Makena n Bediako1E13-Makena n Bediako2

Makena was a work when her ex husband Bediako Tetteh, the current Minister for Youth and Empowerment pays her a visit. He asks to take her out for a drink.

E13-Makena n Bediako4

Later on they are walking outside talking and reminiscing. Makena asks him why they separated in first place. Bediako tells her that the party wants him to run for President in the next elections but being divorced has become a problem because people are spreading rumours that he is gay. Makena laughs at this news.

E13-Makena n Bediako5E13-Makena n Bediako6

He tells her the rumours are true and he is gay. Bediako tells her that he can’t run for President without an excellent First Lady by his side. He tells Makena that no one can find out he is gay and he has a proposition for her. Makena is shocked at this revelation. Bediako tells Makena he wants them to get back together and create a love story of them being reunited and in love. Makena is having trouble breathing at this news. He tells her to think about it since they have a great friendship and look great together. He says if he wins he will give her anything and they can run the country together. Makena yells at him asking about love. Bediako tells her they should help each other out.

The girls meet up at Ngozi’s house and once again she is stressed and talking gibberish. She tells the girls not to forget their appointment with the seamstress. The girls are confused. She tells them they are her bridesmaids. They tell her she never asked them. Ngozi freaks out at this information. The girls tell her to calm down and relax.

Makena tells her things are going too fast. Ngozi says they aren’t. Zainab reminds her that her and Robert have only been engaged for 3 weeks. Makena advises Ngozi to ask Robert to postpone the marriage. This makes Ngozi freak out more and yell no at her. Makena tells her things are going too fast and she knows what she is talking about because she has been there before.

E13-Ngozi's house7E13-Ngozi's house8

Ngozi tells the girls she is getting married that weekend (what?!!??). She had waited her whole life to get married (boo you are 26 calm down). Nana Yaa tells her that is the problem. Ngozi tells the girls she has found the person for her and asks if the girls are coming to Abuja to be her bridesmaids. The girls say yes.

Sade gave Nana Osei another chance to take her out on a date. He once again tells her about the govt contract and how it hasn’t happened yet but he is sure it will by the end of the month. Sade in an effort to date available men agrees with him that the contract will happen soon. Sade pays for their meal. She asks Nana Osei how long he has been waiting for the govt deal to close. Nana Osei says 2 years (Yehowa!! That is a long time). Sade looks stunned. He tells her he knows the deal will happen and then he will buy a house, find a wife, be a dad and build his empire. The idea of him wanting to have a child made her think Nana Osei could be the man for her.

Zainab went to meet with one of her Shea Butter workers Khadija. She tells her that a company wants to buy her company and the workers would then have to report to them. Khadija asks if their profits would remain the same. Zainab tells her their portion would be smaller (why do that to them?) because their quota would go down and they wouldn’t have to harvest as much Shea. Khadija is sad at the news because she knows the company will make more money off of them. She tells Zainab to speak on their behalf and be their voice because no one will listen to them.

E13-Girls at galleryE13-Girls at gallery2

The girls go out to check a new art museum. Nana Yaa says the art is so beautiful and that Ngozi should ask for it as part of her dowry. Zainab talks about how dowries usually include a sewing machine, cloth and schnapps. Makena asks what the hell Ngozi would do with a sewing machine (I’m not sure how dowry works in Nigeria. But now amongst Ghanaians the lady will get cloth, a Bible or Koran and maybe a laptop if her work requires something like that. The schnapps is part of tradition and ceremony and is given to the family and given back later if the marriage ends).

Ngozi was on the phone with the caterer making sure there was no meat at her wedding. Sade tells the girls about how she doesn’t ever want to be married and only wants a baby that looks like her. She tells the girls to keep Ngozi away from her because marriage is contagious. Makena says that divorce is contagious. Nana Yaa says how she wishes that were true. Zainab informs the girls that Segun is moving back to New York with Kukuuwa.

Nana Yaa goes to look for Segun at work to ask him why he was moving back ( I thought she was going to therapy and was getting over him?). She enters his office and tells him not to leave. He tells her living in Ghana has become too hard. Nana Yaa tells him he shouldn’t give up on being a part of the African dream and a part of the change. Segun tells Nana Yaa he has made up his mind. She tells him he will be a 2nd class citizen in America. He disagrees since he will be the MD at Morgan Stanley. Nana Yaa reminds him of the violence in America and that his status wont save him from that. She demands that he stays because the country needs him. She tells him that she still needs him and he should stay.

E13-Ngozi calls RobertE13-Ngozi calls Robert2

Ngozi felt guilty about her fight with Robert and called him to apologize about the carbs making her crazy. Robert tells Ngozi he feels they are going too fast. She asks if he is breaking up with her. He says no.

Ngozi goes off on him saying they have to get married because she is no longer a virgin (she should have never slept with him when she knew this was a part of her life that if she compromised it would eat her up inside like this). Robert holds the phone away from his ear. He seems distraught.

E13-Zainab making SheaE13-Zainab making Shea2

Zainab decided to sell her business, but before doing that she wanted to say good bye to the workers in the female cooperative. She spent the day working with them and was having fun. She realized she would miss them and the company.

e13-makena visits BediakoE13-Makena visits Bediako2

Makena decided she had to put Bediako’s proposition to the test and see if he really was gay. She goes to his place and starts kissing him. He stops her and pushes her away. He tells her it wasn’t easy for him to tell her the truth the other day but he did. Makena says she doesn’t believe he is gay and wants to know if their relationship was real.

E13-Makena visits Bediako3E13-Makena visits Bediako4

Bediako looks at Makena and tells her that she knew the truth the whole time. Makena denies it. He tells her she did. (Now that I think of it that could explain why Makena wasn’t use to being adventurous in bed when she was dating Stephan). He tells her he needs an answer if she will marry him again. Makena says no, that she cant live a lie. He tells her she can help him in other ways and hands her a piece of paper.

E13-Zainab says noE13-Zainab says no2

Zainab meets with Mr. Vanwick and informs him that the deal is off because the cooperation’s don’t want to decrease their margins so his company can profit. Mr. Vanwick expresses his offer was generous. Zainab agrees but explains her belief in Ghana and that if they continue to build companies half way and sell them to other countries Ghana wont grow.

E13-Sade n Naasei have pizza

Sade and Nana Osei stay home and have pizza and enjoy their time together (that is so much better).

E13-Makena writes letter

Makena was at home trying to write a letter to one of the editors of the GH newspapers based on the list Bediako had given her in an attempt to clear his name about not being gay. She decided she would write a truthful letter about Bediako being gay and how it was no one’s business but her own and that regardless he would make an excellent President of Ghana. She decides to of course not send that letter. When she was typing I was so scared. I love my homeland but they aren’t that evolved yet to not care about someone else’s sexual orientation.


Ngozi was late to catch her flight. She is in the car panicking. She tells her driver Paul to pull over and stop the car.


The girls are at the airport waiting for her to arrive. They try calling her phone but no answer. While waiting they see Segun and Kukuuwa entering the airport as well.


Zainab suggests the girls check in because Ngozi wouldn’t miss her own wedding. Makena agrees because this wedding is what Ngozi has always dreamed of.


They try calling her phone again. She isn’t answering. She is in the car trying to calm herself down and catch her breath.


*I’m curious to see what happens next season. I feel like Ngozi will  eventually get married. She does love Robert even if they are moving fast. I also hope that Sade stays with Nana Osei, cuz he genuinely wants to be with her. I hope Nana Yaa finds true love. Looking forward to Season 3 I hope we don’t have to wait too long* 


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