An African City: S2E12-Judgement Day

Next Sunday is the Season Finale. Make sure you watch.

Zainab was on a date with Theo (wait what happened to Kwamena?). She had met him after reactivating her online dating account. She noticed that Theo looked different than his profile pic. He looked very orange in person, but she tried best  not to judge him.

Ngozi was texting Zainab to encourage her to not judge her orange date. Zainab asked her how Robert was doing. Ngozi wrote a long reply about loving him, wanting to marry him and have his children. She talked about never feeling this way before. She sent the text message with out checking. She had accidentally sent the message to Robert. She was afraid Robert would judge her for being too vulnerable.

Makena was working on a high profile divorce case. Her client had been unfaithful and wanted to leave his wife of 30 years with nothing. Makena was trying not to judge him.

Nana Yaa was at home trying to console her mother. Her mother was upset about her natural hair (story of my life). She was worried press would come by the house to take pictures and see her looking like “that”. Her mother tells her to perm her hair and get married because her family needed her help now more than ever. The phone rings and Nana Yaa’s mother assumes it’s the First Lady calling to apologize about her husband being fired. It turns out it is their realtor. They are trying to rent their apartment at East Legon. Her mother tells the realtor that they want white tenants because white people are willing to pay (US) dollars.

Nana Yaa meets up with the girls to tell them the actions of her mother. Sade tells Nana Yaa she is lucky her mother talks to her. Her mother wont talk to her since Rebecca called her family to tell on her. Zainab says her aunts and uncles call her all the time to set her up with men. Ngozi asks Sade if her and Kwame were truly over. Sade says yes and she hadn’t seen or heard from Kwame since his baby was born. She tells the girls that she is now forced to pay for her own things and she never realized how expensive her lifestyle was. Zainab tells Sade she would have done the same thing if she were Rebecca. She tries to back peddle and say that she isn’t trying to judge Sade. Ngozi asks Nana Yaa about her father. Nana Yaa tells them that he is shocked about the reshuffle and finding out he was fired in the newspaper like the rest of the country. She continues to talk about how her father had warned the administration about the energy crisis for a long time but was ignored. Nana Yaa tells the girls that she is worried about her mother who got use to being the wife of a minister and now spends her days bugging Nana Yaa about her hair. Ngozi looks at her phone. Makena assures her that Robert will call her. Zainab asks Nana Yaa how her life is now and how things have changed. Nana Yaa says things haven’t changed. She explains to the girls she stopped working for her dad a while ago so things havent’ changed for her. Ngozi holds up a magazine that shows Zainab on the front cover. Zainab tells the girls how she hopes the coverage will help her get more investors in her business.

Nana Yaa was out buying mangoes. She realizes she hasn’t been given nice looking mangoes and asks the seller why. The seller tells her that times are rough but the mangoes are good enough. At her doctors appointment she tells the nurse she has been waiting for over an hour but usually the doctor is 15 mins early for her appointments. The only thing the nurse says is “traffic”. At her fave restaurant she asks for her fave item. The waiter tells her it is no longer on the menu and the chef doesn’t prepare it any more. Nana Yaa tries to explain that the chef does her a favour and makes it for specially for her. The waiter wont budge. She realizes her life has changed.

E12-Ngozi waiting for txtE12-Ngozi waiting for txt2

Ngozi still hadn’t heard from Robert. She was worried.

E12-Sade at gymE12-Sade at gym2

Sade’s at the gym and she’s told her membership is  about to expire and she needed to pay immediately. Sade tells the girl to call Kwame’s office to pay. She is informed Kwame hasn’t paid her bill in 3 months. She also finds out that he hasn’t paid for several other members as well.

Sade is on the phone with Nana Yaa furious to learn Kwame was cheating on her with other women (If im not mistaken in Season 1 didn’t she know Kwame had other girlfriends? There was a scene where she saw him with a girl at the hair salon and had a heart to heart moment with Nana Yaa). Sade tells Nana Yaa that the receptionist was judging her. She goes off about how Kwame was supposed to only cheat with her and how she was the only one allowed to see others because she was not married. Nana Yaa tells Sade that she doesn’t condone cheating with married men. Sade sounds hurt at these words. Nana Yaa tries to back peddle her comments. Sade asks if Nana Yaa is judging her too. Nana Yaa tells her dating married men meant she was selling herself short and that she was more valuable. Sade tells Nana Yaa she knows her worth and never aspired to be a 32 year old woman that dated married men. She tells her this was her only option besides loneliness. She hangs up on Nana Yaa.

Nana Yaa visits the hair salon. She asks the price and is told 45 Ghana Cedis. She is confused since the last time she paid 35. The hair stylist tells her that it was a mistake and that price was for “normal” hair. Nana Yaa tells her that her hair is normal. She goes off on the stylist telling her that they are discriminating against her because of her father. She storms out of the salon. When she leaves the workers are confused and ask each other who her father is.

E12-Zainab over hears4

Zainab meets up with Theo once again. She forgot he was orange. She wanted to give him a lecture on bleaching, but over hears ladies talking about her magazine cover.  The first lady talks about admiring her and what she has done. The second lady says that Zainab slept her way to the top. She tells her friend that Zainab slept with many men to get land and equipment for her company. She also says her cousin knows the man who bought her the car that she was currently driving.  Zainab is hurt at these words and saddened by their judgement. (Nope not me. I would have fought them. If I know I didn’t sell my front to get my business where it was I wont let “agents” pour sand in my garri. You can’t lie on me).

Makena was in another meeting with her firms client and didn’t like what she was reading or hearing. Makena couldn’t help but go off on the client. She tells him that he is horrible for wanting to leave his wife of 30 years with nothing after she raised four children by herself most of the time and quitting her job to help him further his career. She tells him that she can’t work on his case.

Robert finally calls Ngozi. He invites her over to his house where he prepares a Vegetarian meal for her. Ngozi tells Robert she thought he would break up with her because of her text. He tells her that he has the exact same feelings for her. Robert tells Nogzi that his parents are going to Abuja and he would like for them to see her parents and perform the introductory rights. He asks if it is ok for them to start planning their engagement and wedding. Ngozi says yes.

The girls are at the pool. Ngozi shows up to tell them that Robert proposed. Sade asks to see her ring. Ngozi says there is no ring at the moment. The girls ask how she knows she is getting married. She tells them that Robert’s parents were heading to see her family and perform “the knocking” (what do Nigerians call that first step?). She tells the girls that Robert is the one for her because he cares about her needs and wants. Ngozi tells the girls that she feels like they are judging her. Zainab says she isn’t judging her. Sade says she isn’t either and that Ngozi might be on to something. Zainab asks Sade if she is thinking of pursuing a real relationship that doesn’t involve someone’s husband. Sade says she was thinking about it.

E12-Sade goes on a date

The following Saturday, Sade went on a date in the pursuit of a real relationship with a single man.

Robert and Ngozi are lying in bed and he presents her with an engagement ring. She’s happy. They have sex.

Makena went to Mrs. Owusu’s place in disguise to give her documents to help her case. She throws the files over the gate and runs away.

Zainab decided to confront the ladies who lied about her. She finds them out at the same place having a meal. She tells them she will pay their bill with the money she made not from sleeping with men but from learning to export the best shea butter in West Africa. She decided to call Theo over to her house to talk about him bleaching. They have a conversation about why he feels bleaching is the best option for him.

Nana Yaa goes home to show her mother the name of possible GH tenants that will pay in (US) dollars. Her mother asks about her hair. Nana Yaa asks what she wants her to do with her hair. Her mother suggests she should either perm it, weave it or wear a wig. Nana Yaa tells her mom to put her hands in her hair and feel it. She tells her how beautiful her hair is, her mother agrees and apologizes.

The girls meet up and Ngozi tells them that her and Robert slept together. She tells them she was worried at first because they weren’t married yet but felt that God wasn’t judging her and still loved her.

Im curious to see how they will end this season. It would be nice if there was a traditional wedding at the end, but maybe that is too predictable. 


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