An African City: Season 2 Episode 11-Dumsor Dumsor


Sade and Nana Yaa are out having drinks. Sade is griping about her lack of electricity and wondering who she has to sleep with to get constant electricity (My mind went straight to Nana Yaa’s father since he is the Minister of Energy). She tells Nana Yaa that her work place has reduced their work week to only 3 days because of the energy crisis. Sade goes on to say she chose Accra over Lagos because her family in Lagos never has power and use 2 gen sets at all times. Nana Yaa tells her that everything will be fine and get sorted out.

Sade goes on to say that dumsor does have its benefits. Sade had a friends with benefits situation with a guy named Nana Osei. Their arrangement involved utilities. Nana Osei would visit when his water wasn’t working, his internet was down or he had no power at home.

E11-Makena feminisim

Makena didn’t have to worry about load shedding living with her uncle and aunt. They had a constant supply of power and water all the time because they had the funds to purchase whatever they needed. Makena decided to focus on Feminism.

Zainab didn’t want her company to fail because of a lack of electricity. She decided to organize weekly meet ups with other business owners where they talked about what they could do about the lack of energy. The business owners met up and talked about their frustrations with having no electricity and how it hindered their businesses. Zainab was still seeing Kwamena and he had no problem with energy. He could keep going and going. [this scene had me first like “Oh my. Wow. Wow. Herh!!” lol]

At the beach, Zainab tells the girls that Kwamena went on all night and never stopped. She tells them, Kwamena cant “load shed”. The girls are shocked. Makena says it’s not possible and not natural. Ngozi asks about his possibility of having children and Sade says she is jealous. Zainab tells the girls that it is apparently a medical condition and there have been instances where he has gone 5 hours straight (Awurade!). Makena tells the girls that she has to leave for a seminar on child rights since a member of parliament wanted to make the legal age of marriage 6 years old.

At Makena’s seminar they talk about getting the MP fired and what steps they can take to make it happen. Makena suggests they create an online petition and send the signatures the Office of the President. The group likes her idea.

Makena heads home and creates the online petition. She was happy and felt accomplished.

Robert and Ngozi are kissing on the couch and she complains about the building using their generator all day. Tells him she feels bad for those who can’t afford one. Ngozi changes the subject and asks Robert about his sex life and what it’s like for him. He talks about being grateful to the church for letting him know he had many soul ties. Ngozi can’t get over the word “many” and asks him how many women he has slept with.

At the gym Ngozi tells Nana Yaa, Robert has slept with 112 people (I cussed when I heard that number). Nana Yaa tells her that he was just really sexually active before he practiced abstinence and asks her if there is a number she would be ok with. Ngozi says she is going to be #113. Nana Yaa tries to make the situation lighter by saying she will be lucky 13. Ngozi goes on to say that Robert will be her #1 and only. She starts hyperventilating. Nana Yaa tells her to breathe and that those numbers are in his past, he is now celibate and loves her. Ngozi wishes Robert came with a sign (she should have just asked before). Apparently their trainer is in the room and he tells them to stop talking and focus (poor trainer hearing this whole conversation).

While paying the ECG bill for the office, Nana Yaa bumps into Kwaku, she had met him last year when she was taking Twi classes. Nana Yaa was horny and decided to sleep with Kwaku. The next morning Nana Yaa brings tea to Kwaku. She finds Kwaku in her room and asks what he is doing, he tells her he is thinking. Nana Yaa finds him holding his used condom and staring at his semen (Ewww) thinking about how they could be a human. Nana Yaa is mortified. Kwaku asks if he can stay at her place since the lights are off at his but she tells him that she is having breakfast at her parents place. Kwaku just goes back to staring at his semen.

Later that day Nana Yaa meets up with the girls and tells them about Kwaku. They are all disgusted at the news. Makena asks Zainab if Kwamena has been able to load shed. Zainab says no and informs the girls that the other day he lasted for 7 hours. Ngozi’s phone rings but she ignores it. Makena asks her who called. Ngozi tells her it was Robert. Nana Yaa tells the girls that Robert told Ngozi his sex number. Sade asks what the number is. Ngozi tells her 112. Sade says that’s a lie because Robert put it in a little so it’s 112 and a quarter. The girls start laughing.

The number situation was playing with Ngozi’s mind. Everywhere she went she saw women and saw numbers. She decides to continue ignoring Robert.

E11-Nana Yaa gives Kwaku a chanceE11-Nana Yaa ignores Kwaku

Nana Yaa was also ignoring Kwaku and his calls.

Makena was so excited that people were signing her petition online. When it reached 50,000 she was so elated.

E11-Zainab googles

Zainab couldn’t ignore Kwamena’s condition any longer so she was on Google and asking Kwamena questions to make sure he had seen a doctor about the issue and had not self-diagnosed himself.

Sade was not ignoring Nana Osei when he called. She told him she had a working gen set and he should come on over. The next day while lying in bed, Nana Osei tells Sade that he likes being with her and they should start seeing each other more. Sade gets nervous and tell him they were only friends with utilities and he should leave. Nana Osei laughs at her statement and tells her to come back to bed. Sade listens to him and gets back in the bed and lets him hold her while they sleep.

E11-Zainab n Kwamena finish

Zainab and Kwamena meet up and he is finally able to finish after 5 hours.

Zainab tell the girls the next day that she feels very accomplished. Ngozi was still ignoring Robert. Makena tries to explain to her that she cant ignore him because of his number. But Ngozi is stubborn and says she will continue to ignore him. She tells the girls if she can’t dump Robert then Nana Yaa can’t dump Kwaku just because he counts his sperm (girl what?). Her phone rings and once again it is Robert, she ignores the call. Ngozi tells the girls she had something special with Robert and that she misses him. While sitting together Makena checks her computer and sees her petition has reached 100,000 signatures. The girls congratulate her. She looks and sees that Stephan has also signed her petition.

Makena and her group head to the Office of the President to deliver their petition. The MP wasn’t removed (that’s Ghana for you) but now Makena had a cause she cared about.

Nana Yaa wondered if she was being shallow and decided to call Kwaku and give him another chance. They went out and had a good time. The next morning Nana Yaa found Kwaku doing the same nasty thing he was doing the other time (ewww).

E11-Sade misses Nana Osei

Sade had all her utilities working but didn’t have Nana Osei and she wished he was there.

Ngozi was out volunteering and trying to avoid Robert but he found her. Robert  asks her why she wasn’t taking any of his calls. He asks if she was ignoring him because of what he told her (he seems hurt). Ngozi says she doesn’t want to talk but Robert insists that they talk right there and then. She tells him that she hates his number and that it is too much for her. She tells him if she had such a high number he wouldn’t want to be with her. Robert tells Ngozi it was in his past. Ngozi tells him his past had ruined their future. Robert begs Ngozi to give them a chance and they can still have a future. Robert starts crying. Ngozi decides that his number didn’t really matter to her.

E11-Nana Yaa's dad fired4

The next morning Nana Yaa goes to get her newspaper and see’s on the front page that her father has been fired as the Minister of Energy (such a heavy blow).

This episode had some crazy moments. Do people actually deal with men like Kwamena and Kwaku while dating? Have you been catching up with show? What do you think of the season so far?  


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