It’s the day before Nana Yaa’s 30th birthday. She’s out with Sade for a pre-birthday shopping spree. While shopping Nana Yaa asks Sade about her new man Herman, who was a finance consultant that she met at a cocktails event.

e9-Sade Herman hiding in theatre

Herman was crazy about Sade but she was conflicted about dating him because her whole life her father had been against the British for colonizing Nigeria. At the movie theater she couldn’t show him affection by holding his hand. She wouldn’t let him kiss her and she wore a baseball cap and sat down low so no one could see her.


E9-Sade Nana Yaa shopping2E9-Sade Nana Yaa shopping3

Nana Yaa asks Sade if she is bringing Herman to her birthday party. Sade is scared to be seen in public with Herman. Nana Yaa tries to convince Sade that it is ok to date a white man but Sade shushes her and tries to get her to lower her voice when saying the word white. Nana Yaa tells her that she can’t hide Herman forever but Sade says she is determined to do just that.


While Nana Yaa and Sade are talking Segun and his wife Kuukuwa enter the store. You can tell from the look on Nana Yaa’s face that she is not completely over Segun. While Sade is talking Nana Yaa is staring at the couple figuring out what she should do. She walks up them and awkwardly says hi. With Sade by her side she blurts out that tomorrow is her birthday. They seem surprised but say Happy Birthday to her.Nana Yaa seems upset that Segun didn`t remember her birthday.

She tells them she is having a birthday party and invites them to the event. They seem confused at the invitation but tell her they might show up for the party. After Segun and Kuukuwa leave the store, Sade asks Nana Yaa what just happened and why she invited them to her party. Nana Yaa tells Sade that she was a mature, accomplished and has a man (can’t believe she is still with him) and was turning 30. Nana Yaa says she doesn’t care if Segun and Kuukuwa came to her party (lies). Sade is so upset with her that she walks away (can’t blame her).


The other girls show up at the boutique and wish Nana Yaa a happy birthday. Sade tells the girls Nana Yaa is losing her mind. Nana Yaa explains Sade`s frustration with her inviting Segun and Kuukuwa to her party. The rest of them are speechless at this revelation. Nana Yaa goes to the counter to pay for her purchases but is told they have been paid for. The girls think that Edem paid for the purchases as a way for making up for lying. They ask Nana Yaa if Edem is still in the dog house, she says no. They ask her if he still lives with his ex-wife and Nana Yaa says she doesn’t want to bring the subject up and doesn’t want to spoil her birthday.


Herman and Sade are in her bedroom where no one can see them together. Herman tells Sade they should go out for dinner. Sade is nervous at the idea of going outside with him. She reminds him they recently went out to the movies two weeks ago. Herman complains they never go out. Sade tries to play it off by saying they should stay indoors and make fireworks, but Herman is adamant they go out. Sade says no. He asks what her problem is and if she is embarrassed to go out with him (seems like such a weird issue to have in Ghana where from conversations I have had women are looking to date white men). Sade hesitates in giving Herman a reply of no. Herman tells her that there are plenty of girls in the country that would die to gout with him in public, a white, wealthy man in Accra. Sade tells him he doesn’t know what he is talking about because men would kill to be with her, a wealthy, black woman in Accra (touché). She tells him she doesn’t see the appeal of wealthy white men. Sade tells Herman he either goes out by himself or stays inside with her (she opens her robe). Herman stays with her.


Nana Yaa was at home on the couch thinking.  She was having doubts about Edem’s living situation. While thinking Edem shows up at her place to wish her an early Happy Birthday, they embrace, kiss and fall on the couch. Nana Yaa decides to herself that she will have an amazing birthday and not think about Edem’s roommate (his ex-wife). But in the back of her mind she wonders if she feels this way because she is afraid to turn 30 alone. While on the couch kissing she thanks Edem for the dresses he paid for. He is confused and asks her what she is talking about. She tells him to forget what she mentioned, she realizes he didn’t pay for the purchases and wonders who did.


Zainab was dating Akwasi a founder of a leading think in Ghana. Akwasi was passionate about everything. In the kitchen with Zainab he talks about all that is wrong with Ghana and how The Big Six (founders who led in Ghana’s Independence from Britain) would be rolling in their graves if they could see Ghana now. Akwasi talks about the corruption, oil crisis, and dumsor. Zainab tries to speak and say positive things about Ghana and how it is still a relatively young country but Akwasi keeps cutting her off. He continues to talk about the elite in Ghana and how they are the reason for the mess Ghana is currently facing (would he not be considered elite?). Akwasi never finishes his points one second he was talking about The Big Six, then the elite in Ghana and now he was complaining to Zainab about him not being able to start a fish farm. Zainab is confused and tries to get clarity but Akwasi keeps talking and complaining. He  just keeps rambling so Zainab decides to drink wine and zone him out.

E9-Makena n Samuel-manscape1E9-Makena n Samuel-manscape2

Makena was taking her new boyfriend Samuel to a work function. They had only been dating for two weeks. She was waiting for Samuel to hurry getting dressed. Makena decides to open the bathroom door to see what is taking him long, she finds him in there manscaping.


Nana Yaa and Edem are out enjoying themselves. Edem tells Nana Yaa that they should celebrate her birthday all week long. She agrees and tells him this will be the best birthday ever. Nana Yaa talks about how she hasn’t had a memorable birthday party in years. She tells him about her last one being when she was 6 years old and her parents threw her a Black Barbie themed party. She says that was a memorable time because her auntie made her Eto (mashed plantain with peanuts and with a whole egg served on the side) for the first time and she knew she had a home miles away that she belonged to and would go back to one day. Edem tells her it is time for them to go. As Nana Yaa is about to get up off the couch Edem’s phone rings.  Nana Yaa picks it up to hand it to him and looks at the caller id, she seems a bit confused and asks him if he needs to answer the call. Edem says he is with her and nothing else matters (something aint right). Nana Yaa feels Edem has something to hide from her but she keeps silent because she was turning 30 and wanted to have a man (30 and single is not a death sentence).


The girls are at the spa talking and laughing. Nana Yaa tells the girls her dad hasn’t called her to wish her a Happy Birthday when he is usually the first to do so. Nana Yaa says her mother called but to ask if she would perm her hair for her Birthday. Nana Yaa tells the girls that tonight she will display her natural hair and show its beauty. Nana Yaa asks the girls who they are bringing to her party and hears their grumbling.

Ngozi tells her that Robert is in Lagos so she will be solo. She tells the girls that she thinks he is in Lagos to see his parents about performing the knocking ceremony for her (he better I don’t need him breaking her heart). Makena says she wants to bring Stephan but corrects herself to say Samuel but is afraid they won’t make it on time. She explains she is always late to things because he is manscaping. She complains it takes him so long to get ready and it doesn’t feel manly to her. Sade tells her good manscaping is good manners. Makena explains it was for a work event and her boss doesn’t care about Samuel’s pubic hair. Ngozi asks the golden question. She asks Makena if she is upset about the manscaping or that Samuel isn’t Stephan. Makena says she doesn’t know what Ngozi is talking about. Sade informs the girls that she is going solo to the party. Makena gets upset with Sade and tells her that Herman is not a leper but a white man and it is not a big deal to be seen outside with him. Sade claims Herman is not fit for public consumption (so why is she with him?). Zainab says she will bring Akwasi and hopes she can get a word in edgewise. She talks about how he complains about everything.


While at the spa the server brings Ngozi her meal but it is not a vegetarian option. Sade apologizes and says she had ordered a vegetarian option for her. Ngozi says it’s fine and that she is not hungry. Apparently Ngozi hadn’t been hungry since she became a quasi-virgin (Now listen. I watched the episode they had sex. They even were in non-missionary positions. They had sex. She needs to stop lying to herself). Sex was all Ngozi could think about since then. She was in the grocery store molesting cucumbers. Sade asks Ngozi about how she has been enjoying the personal massager she gave her. Nana Yaa tells Sade to stop teasing her.

E9-girls at spa7E9-girls at spa8

Sade reaches for her credit card to pay for the spa treat but Nana Yaa tries to stop her. Sade insists that she wants to pay for her bestie on her birthday. They find out from the attendant that the spa bill has been paid. They are informed that someone had their secretary call in days ago and tell them if Nana Yaa came in to pay the bill on her behalf. Zainab brings up Edem’s name thinking he paid the bill as a way to try and redeem himself for lying to Nana Yaa. Nana Yaa tells her that it wasn’t Edem and explains he knew nothing about the shopping spree the previous day. The girls are confused and wonder who is paying for these gifts (it better not be Segun).


Makena is over at Samuel’s place and finds him in the bathroom once again. He is in there putting on oils and lotions. He says soft skin takes time (at least he is against being ashy). Makena was trying not to compare Samuel to Stephan who took 2 mins to get dressed and ready (she is still in love with him).


It’s Nana Yaa’s Birthday Party and everyone is showing up to the event [side note: this place wouldn’t let me in one time cuz I was wearing the wrong shoes. A funny story for another time]. Nana Yaa arrives looking gorgeous with Edem by her side. She says hi and hugs everyone that has come out to celebrate with her. As they are about to sit down at the booth with the girls Edem’s phone goes off he tells Nana Yaa he will be right back and heads outside to answer the call. Nana Yaa tells the girls this is her best birthday ever, she also asks where Makena is. Edem returns to the booth and Nana Yaa asks him who was on the phone (why now?) before he can answer Makena shows up without Samuel, he is still home getting ready. Akwasi also shows up and immediately complains about how many generators it takes to run the place. Zainab tells Akwasi to have a drink and relax.

The girls and guys are having fun when Edem’s phone goes off once again and he leaves to answer the call. The girls continue to have fun drinking and dancing. After some time Nana Yaa asks the girls where Edem is and they say they don’t know. Nana Yaa is upset and marches out of the club to confront him. The girls run after her.

Nana Yaa is outside yelling for Edem. Edem is outside on his phone telling someone that he is at work (see something aint right) and hw has no reason to lie to them. In the background the girls are trying to hold back a visibly drunk Nana Yaa from attacking Edem. Nana Yaa breaks from their hold and approaches Edem drunk and upset. She grabs his phone from him and talks to the other person on the line. She tells them that she is his girlfriend and it is her birthday and they should stop calling him. Edem tries to grab the phone from her but she pushes him away. Nana Yaa finds out Edem isn’t divorced it’s his wife on the phone and they have been married for 5 years. Nana Yaa is livid and starts hitting Edem and throwing things at him. The girls try to pull her away from him. Edem tells her that he wants to explain. He tries to convince the girls to give him a few minutes to explain everything to Nana Yaa. They tell him no.


Drunk and heart broken in the limo Nana Yaa tells the girls this was the worst birthday ever and worries this is an indication of how her thirties will look. Ngozi reassures her that she has them and shouldn’t be worried. Zainab tells her to drink water and take asprin to help with her hang over. Nana Yaa asks Sade if she can stay at her place, says she doesn’t want to go home alone. Sade says she hasn’t gone home alone on a Saturday night in a long time. Zainab chimes in to say Sade hasnt gone home alone since 1995. The girls all start laughing. Nana Yaa asks if the rest of the girls can all sleep at Sade’s place. They agree. While in the limo Ngozi reads a Birthday card for Nana Yaa, they find out all the gifts came from Nana Yaa’s father. Nana Yaa is devastated at the news, she thought she had a secret admirer. Ngozi tells her once again that she shouldn’t worry because she has them.

Makena’s phone rings and it is Samuel.  He is done getting dressed and wondering where she has gone, he tells her that he is ready to go to the party. The girls are laughing at this information. Makena tells Samuel that things aren’t working between them and that it’s over.

As the girls laugh about Samuel, Nana Yaa sees Segun entering the club and her heart sinks.



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