An African City: S2E8- Things Fall Apart

***So much happens in this episode. If you haven’t watched this season yet go over to An African City’s website to start watching the series and catch up. The first season had 10 episodes im not sure how many this one has but if it’s the same we have 2 more to go and we are done.****

Zainab had assistant problems. She couldn’t find one that was willing to work. Her first assistant Deborah (the one that watched Novelas at work) would consistently show up at work late with excuses like “the rain was too much”. Her 5th assistant would answer her phone (for personal calls) during meetings. Assistant number 8 would sell items at her desk like phone credits, imports from China and Tilapia and Banku (everyone in Ghana has a side hustle).

E8 Girls with Zainab sick

The girls are together at Zainab’s house to take care of her. She has malaria. Zainab complains about having to fire her last assistant and how she cant deal with the issue now that she is sick. Ngozi tells Zainab that her and Robert got her medication to make sure she gets better quickly. Zainab is worried her company will fall apart because she has no one to call to see how things are going at work. She tells the girls that she must go to work. Makena tells her no. Nana Yaa asks where her business partner George is. She explains he  is in Atlanta securing a cosmetics deal.

E8 Girls with Zainab sick2

Ngozi tells her to rest. Zainab explains she owns a small company and cant afford to rest. Sade asks where her team is, she should have a team to help out in situations like this. Zainab says she does everything herself (micro managers are the worst). Makena hands Zainab magazines and tells her to read them while she rests. Ngozi tells her that her and Robert made light soup for her and it’s in the fridge. Makena is tired of hearing “Robert and I” from Ngozi. Sade tells Zainab that she brought her Twi P8rn to occupy her time. Sade tells the girls she had no idea there was such a thing and she was excited to find out [I heard about it when I was in University and I was mortified at the idea because everything sounds nastier in Twi]. Sade explains she learned about it the previous week from the guy she is currently dating named Owusu.

E8 Nana Yaa Edem on couch

Nana Yaa is sitting on the couch with Edem reading a book. She tells him she likes that he spends time at her place but wants to spend time at his place as well. Edem tells her that his place isn’t ready since he moved out (why did she not check to make sure that he had a place?).

E8 Nana Yaa Edem on couch2

Nana Yaa is confused because she thought Edem’s house had already been renovated since he moved out months ago from the house he shared with his ex-wife. She tells him that she wanted to spend time with him at his house. He starts kissing her and says they will soon see his place (something aint right).

Makena is in the kitchen with Stephan talking about how stressful the week has been and how she is looking forward to the weekend. Stephan suggests they go to Elmina for the weekend and check out the Slave Castles. Makena reminds Stephan that they just went to Elmina. They have been to the Castles several times, 12 to be exact and Makena was tired of spending her weekends there.

E8 Ngozi Robert_prayingE8 Ngozi Robert_praying2

Robert and Ngozi were courting. Every time they would pray together their urges would take over and they would end up half naked (Now that aint right. They are not praying properly. The West African Pentecostal in me couldn’t handle a situation like that. If every time we pray we end up half naked dry humping I am going to assume you are Mame Wata’s grandson sent to ruin me).

E8 Sade and dudeE8 Sade and dude2

Sade would watch Twi P8rn with Owusu. While watching he tries to kiss her but she blocks his attempt and asks him for new movies to watch. She is upset with the collection he has brought with him. He tells her those are all the movies he has. She decides to make due with what he has and they start making out.

E8 Sade on phone

Later on Sade is on her phone talking about the great time she had with Owusu when they started talking in Twi while having sex. She says its way better than having sex in English. Sade stops her car to buy massager’s at the side of the road.

E8 4 girls at dinner

At dinner with the girls Sade tries to give Ngozi a massager and tells her she should practice before she sleeps with Robert. Ngozi is upset and tells Sade that her and Robert are waiting (puhlease they cant pray without drying humping) and Robert will marry her.

E8 4 girls at dinner2

Nana Yaa asks the girls if they want to go to Rockstones with her. Makena says she cant go since she has to go to Elmina again with Stephan. The girls tell her to be supportive because it is important to him. Makena says she doesn’t want to relive the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade every weekend. Ngozi tells her to tell him how she feels. But Makena is afraid to sound politically incorrect. Sade reminds her that she is a woman and she dictates the terms of the relationship and should work her magic.

E8 Nana Yaa visits Zainab

Nana Yaa visits Zainab. She brings her files from work. Zainab asks her how work is going? Nana Yaa tells her that everything seems fine, that her Head of Supply is in charge and her employees meet up every morning to pray for her. Zainab asks about Edem and Nana Yaa explains the whole situation about his house still being renovated and how he reacted when she said she wanted to stay at his place. Zainab is looking at the files from her accountant and feels the figures are not making sense.

E8 Nana Yaa visits Zainab2

Zainab starts panicking. Nana Yaa tells her to relax and look it over when she is feeling better. Zainab tells her that she worries things will fall apart and she has invested so much money into the company to let that happen. She fears no one can take care of the company like she can. Nana Yaa tries to change the subject by suggesting they watch some Twi P8rn (lol girl what?).

Makena takes Sade’s advice and tells Stephan during sex that she wants to go to Ada for the weekend and not Elmina, of course during sex Stephan says ok. Later on Stephan tells her that he is looking into taking a DNA ancestry test to find his roots. He tell her how some people in the office think his results will come back saying he is Igbo. Makena doesn’t seem interested in the conversation so Stephan asks her why she is behaving like she doesn’t care about him searching his ancestry. She nonchalantly tells him that she does care. He doesn’t believe her. She finally admits that she doesn’t care. She goes off on a rant about how she gets that the slave trade happened and it was horrible, but wants to move forward with her life. She tells him, she doesn’t want to go to the slave castles every weekend to know that life is beautiful, fleeting and precious. She says she doesn’t need to take a DNA test to know who she is. Stephan interrupts to yell “because you know exactly where you come from” (she is really being inconsiderate). She agrees with Stephan. Stephan explains that he isn’t comfortable saying he is from D.C. that isn’t his complete story and he wants to know more.

E8 Sade and twip

Sade goes out looking for Twi P8rn and learns they have p8rn in  Fanti, Hausa, Ewe and Ga (Why Ghana?!!?!! Why?). Sade is so excited and wants to buy them all. She runs to the ATM to get more money to buy up all the DVDs.

While at the ATM Kwame calls her to say he is sorry for not calling when he came back from London. He tells her his wife had a baby boy. She congratulates him but then changes her mind and takes it back. Kwame is confused with Sade’s reaction. He asks why she is acting like she didn’t know he had a wife and why that changes anything between them? He asks if she thought he wouldn’t be sleeping with his wife. Sade explains that she didn’t know what she thought. Kwame tells her that he still loves her. She hangs up the phone on him.

E8 Sade talks to Kwame2

Sade didn’t by the p8rn. Kwame’s call made her feel incomplete.

A few days later Nana Yaa and Edem are out having a meal together. Nana Yaa ask to stay at Edem’s place for a bit. Edem says his place is still being renovated. Nana Yaa says that is fine with her since he is able to live through the renovations. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to see his place like that and will let her know when it is ready (once again something aint right). Nana Yaa says they should at least drive by the place so she can see it from the outside (why did she get back with him with no proof he had moved out?). Edem says his place isn’t finished and had promised his mother she would be the first to see his place. He then brings up the fact that ECG has not turned the lights on in his place and it is always dark. Nana Yaa looks at Edem and says that she can’t believe she has been such an idiot. She asks him if he actually moved out. He admits he stills lives with his ex wife.

E8 Ngozi Robert_half nakedE8 Ngozi Robert_half naked2

Ngozi and Robert find themselves half naked again on the bed kissing. The girls go out for drinks and Ngozi tells the girls “it went in a little, just the tip”. Sade is so happy that Ngozi has finally had sex.

E8 Ngozi tells the girls

Ngozi disagrees and says she is still a virgin. Sade explains to her that she isn’t a virgin but Ngozi is adamant she still is because it was just the tip that went in and nothing else.

E8 Ngozi tells the girls2

Sade explains to her that the legal definition of sexual intercourse means a penis entering a vagina even if it is a little bit. Ngozi wont accept her definition.

E8 Ngozi tells the girls3

Sade tells the girls that she has given up on Twi P8rn because it didn’t complete her. Her life has been empty. Nana Yaa tells the girls that her and Edem are breaking up again because she hates liars. Sade says she is jealous of Kwame’s baby. She starts obsessing over pics of babies on the internet.

Makena brings a box of DNA items to Stephan and tells him that she loves him even if she doesn’t care about him wanting to know his ancestry but she can’t go through with swabbing his mouth for the test. Stephan tells her that he is thinking of going back to London for a few weeks. He tells her that they need some space. They decide to break up (this hurt my heart).

E8 Zainab at work2

Zainab goes back to work and realizes her company was ok without her being there. She also realizes that her accountants figures were fine.

E8 Ngozi Robert sleep together

Robert and Ngozi have sex.

*What did you think of this episode? I’m so sad to see Makena and Stephan break up but it was for the best since she didn’t care about something that was so important to him. They were too different on such an important matter. I can’t believe Nana Yaa didn’t check to make sure Edem wasn’t lying to her about moving out of his house with his ex-wife. I would have wanted proof before agreeing to date him again. I’m not sure if having a baby will make Sade feel complete but who knows maybe it will. I really hope Robert is legit. He was so quick to say he wanted to marry Ngozi yet we don’t see him taking her to see his parents or see her parents about the subject of them getting married. I feel like she was so quick to sleep with him so he better not be running games on her.*




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