An African City: S2E7-Great Expectations

E7 Zainab upset

Zainab is dating Charles. Every time they have sex he runs quickly to the bathroom to finish.

E7 girls meet up to talk

At dinner Zainab tell the girls about her situation with Charles. She explains  he had a pregnancy scare 10 years ago and is afraid it will happen again so he is extra cautious and that’s why he runs to the bathroom. Zainab tells the girls that her situation with Charles is making her contemplate lowering her expectations of men, thinks they may be too high.

E7 Makena asks for the bill

Makena asks the waiter for the bill. When the waiter arrives to the table he lets the girls know their bill has been paid by men sitting by the pool who want to show their respect to Nana Yaa’s father.

E7 Sade says they should let the men pay

Nana Yaa tells the girls she is embarrassed and will call back the waiter so she can pay the bill. Sade stops her and says this is the universes way for paying Zainab back for her man running to the bathroom and they should enjoy.

E7 Makena Stephan_visit aunt

Makena and Stephan are at her aunt Monica’s place sitting in the living room chatting. Stephan tells the ladies that he has to leave. He tells aunt Monica that he and Monica had just come back from Cape Coast Castle and he needs to head out to an important meeting.  Aunt Monica tells Stephan to not believe the propaganda and that they are not castles but dungeons. Awkward silence happens between the three of them. Stephan finally responds by saying he doesn’t see it that way.

E7 Makena Aunt_tells she loves him

Once Stephan leaves Makena turns to aunt Monica and explains that she knows she wants her to be a good Ghanaian man but she loves Stephan and he is very good to her. Her aunt ignores her and asks about her visit to Cape Coast was. Makena tells her the trip was good and that her and Stephan once again went to see the Castle because Stephan was very interested in the history.

E7 Aunt MonicaE7 Makena Shocked

Aunt Monica asks Makena if her African American boyfriend knows that her great grandmother enslaved human beings. Makena looks shocked and says her father never told her about it. Her aunt corrects her and says not her great grandmother from her father’s side but from her mother’s side. Her great grandmother a Ga woman was arrested for selling people into slavery. Makena is petrified to learn this news.

Ngozi has decided to dedicate her time to volunteer work and not focus on marriage. In her spare time she reads books to children at orphanages, she visits sick patients at the hospital and volunteers with Go Green Ghana by cleaning gutters. She does this while ignoring men that she comes in contact with and avoiding any attention they try to give her. She has dropped all expectations of marriage and feels good about it.

E7 Sade shocked_boobs

Sade had no expectations of marriage like Ngozi. She expected great sex. She was dating Nana Kofi and once he took his shirt off she found out something shocking about him that she wasn’t pleased to see.

E7 girls at gym

At the gym Sade tells the girls about Nana Kofi having man boobs. Nana Yaa asks her the size of them and Sade says they looked like 36Cs (that is really big). She says her dilemma is worse than Zainab’s situation with Charles. Zainab disagrees and tells her that she has been avoiding Charles’ phone calls all week.

Ngozi advises her to talk to him about it in a sincere way and not to give up the way she hasn’t. Makena remarks that Ngozi has become Graca Machel with her volunteering. Ngozi replies that volunteering is refreshing and she is going to clean gutters after their work out, she asks if the girls want to join her. Nana Yaa says she would love to join her but has to head to the radio station for work after.

E7 girls at gym2

Sade continues to talk about man boobs and how they horrify her. Ngozi says Sade should have invited Nana Kofi to the gym and that if he adds circuit training to his routine it will fix the problem. Sade tells her that Nana Kofi is very fit all over his body except his chest. Makena tells the girls what she learned from her aunt about her great grandma. She goes on to say that she always encourages her white friends to apologize for the hurtful past of slavery and wonders if she has to do the same now. Zainab tells her it was in the past. Makena reminds her that is the same thing white people say. She doesn’t know how to tell Stephan. Sade tells her to be naked when she breaks the news to him so he wont be too mad.

E7 Makena researchE7 Makena research2

Makena does research to find out more about her great grandmother. The paper work shows that her great grandmother enslaved hundreds of people and had them exported from Accra to the Americas (wow). Makena decides to take Sade’s advise and be naked when she tells Stephan the news.

E7 Ngozi cleans gutter

Ngozi was out cleaning gutters and feeling great about letting go of men and marriage, she was feeling free and at peace with herself.

Unfortunately she wasn’t watching her step and fell into a gutter. A young man comes to her rescue and she goes straight back to having expectations and thinking of marriage when their eyes meet.

E7 Sade keep shirt on

Sade is at home with Nana Kofi making out when she tells him to keep his shirt on. When he asks why she explains that it’s more fun for her when his shirt is on. He agrees to keep his shirt on.

E7 Zainab_Charles

Zainab finally agrees to meet up with Charles for dinner. After dinner they go back to her place and have sex. Charles is about to run to the bathroom when Zainab stops him at the door. She tells him they can’t keep doing this and if he wants to be with her they have to be more intimate. Charles explains his fears of pregnancy. Zainab assures him that they are safe and using different kinds of contraception. She tells him she doesn’t want to miss out on them getting closer. She leads him back to bed.

E7 Nana Yaa Edem_bathroom

Nana Yaa and Edem are back at her place after a meeting with his clients. He tells Nana Yaa he is so happy to have brought her along for the meeting, she made him look good. She teases him saying she thought GH men left their women at home. He reminds her that he is not the typical GH man.

E7 Nana Yaa Edem_bathroom2

Edem tells Nana Yaa he will be back and just needs to use her bathroom. Nana Yaa stops him at the door saying he cant enter her bathroom with his outdoor shoes on. She tells him that his shoes have stepped on vomit, dirt and spit from outside and he can’t walk into her bathroom because when she comes out of the shower she will end up stepping on those germs.

E7 Nana Yaa Edem_bathroom 3E7 Nana Yaa Edem_bathroom4

Edem is frustrated. He tells her he cant handle that everything is an issue with her. Says she wont let him wear outdoor shoes in her bathroom, he can’t wear outdoor clothes on her bed and that he cant take a dump in her bathroom without opening the window at a certain angle, she tells him it’s 90 degrees angle (I cant believe she regulates his pooping). Edem says he is leaving because he cant handle the situation any more. Nana Yaa offers to give him slippers she bought on 5th Avenue to use in her bathroom. She runs around looking for the slippers but Edem leaves her apartment.

E7 girls meet up to talk2

When the girls meet up Makena asks Nana Yaa if she wants all her relationships to fail because of her bathroom. Nana Yaa tells her about germs and that in Ghana you have to be careful about Cholera. Ngozi says she understands where Nana Yaa is coming from, ever since falling in the gutter she takes 5 showers a day but still feels dirty. Nana Yaa sympathizes with her and hands her hand sanitizer.

E7 Ngozi worried about date

Makena tells Ngozi her falling in the gutter was not all a waste since she met a cutie. Ngozi laments to the girls about how she wishes she hadn’t agreed to go on a date with him. She tells them she is regretting the date because she was just enjoying not having any expectations of marriage. Makena tells her that it is just a first date. Ngozi reminds her that she doesn’t date but courts with the intention of getting married. Ngozi explains that the men she meet want sex, not love or commitment.

E7 Zainab Sade celebrate

Zainab asks Sade about Nana Kofi aka Mr. Man Boobs. Sade says the situation is the same and nothing has changed. Sade asks  about Charles and Zainab tells her the good news that he no longer runs to the bathroom. Sade congratulates her.

E7 Ngozi Robert date

Ngozi goes on the date with the guy that saved her. His name is Robert, he’s 32, Nigerian and in charge of his families company. While on the date Ngozi could only think of marriage. Robert talks to Ngozi about missing Lagos and having to going back at least once a month. Ngozi gives a dry response like she isn’t paying attention. Robert asks her if anything is wrong and if she is ok since she isnt saying much.

E7 Ngozi Robert date2E7 Ngozi Robert date3

This remark some how triggers Ngozi to go on a long rant. She accuses him of probably wanting her to be lively, a good cook and have sex with him that night, real freaky sex. But she isn’t like that and has higher expectations of love and a committed relationship with courtship and then marriage or there is not point. Robert tells Ngozi he agrees with her. She is shocked to hear him say that. He tells her that he dates with the intention of marriage.

E7 Ngozi Robert date4E7 Ngozi Robert date5

He tells her he hadnt planned on doing this so quickly but feels he should, he bends down in front of her. Robert asks Ngozi to marry him (African men are so quick with the marriage thing). She wonders if he is joking. He tells her it isn’t a joke. She reminds him that they hardly know each other. He says they should spend the time getting to know each other. She agrees.

E7 Zainab Charles-last meet

Zainab was on a date with Charles and happy she had finally found real intimacy. She had high expectations for their future. She asks Charles if he wants to come over to her house. Charles tells her he cant because he is meeting up with Jane his ex girlfriend. Charles tells Zainab that being with her has taught him an intimacy that he had denied to all the other girls he dated in the past 10 years and he wants to fix that by going back to all of them and having sex with them.

E7 Sade breaks up with Nana KofiE7 Sade breaks up with Nana Kofi2

Sade calls Nana Kofi to tell them they cant go out any more because he has man boobs and she has high expectations that the men she date should never have bigger breasts than hers. She tells him not to beg on the phone because she is no longer interested. She offers to have her assistant make an appointment for him with her personal trainer at the gym.

E7 Edem Nana Yaa make upE7 Edem Nana Yaa make up2

Edem knocks on Nana Yaa’s door. She thanks him for coming over to talk. She tells him that she will stop her silly expectations of him and promises to change. They embrace.

What did you think of this episode? I feel Ngozi and Robert are moving too fast. We’ll see how that works out them. Don’t forget you can watch An African City by clicking on the link and subscribing. 


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