An African City: S2 E5- Got Goat Meat?

ngozi-kitchen 1

The girls are at Nana Yaa’s place. Nana Yaa, Sade and Ngozi are in the kitchen teaching Ngozi how to cook. Sade is upset that Ngozi bought goat meat at Shop Rite (a grocery store) instead of going to Makola Market (traditional outdoor market in Accra). Ngozi is learning how to cook so she can get a husband. For African women it is important to know how to cook if you want to be married to an African man (I hate this notion because no one asks men what credentials they need to have except money and even with that you look like a gold digger if you want someone well off).

Ngozi-kitchen 2

Ngozi is so bad in the kitchen that she almost tried to blend onion and pepper without having the lid on. Luckily the girls come to her rescue and stop her from pushing the button. Ngozi was dating James an accountant that she met at Bible Studies. From their first date, James made it clear he wanted a woman who knew how to cook.


Ngozi shows up to James’ house with tupperware of what looks like soup. She heads up the stairs of the house looking for James. She opens the door to his bedroom and looks around, and makes herself comfortable. Ngozi calls out to James and he tells her he is in the bathroom. She opens the door to find him in the shower and his friend Patrick sitting on the toilet reading a magazine fully clothed.


Ngozi is shocked and apologizes because she thought he was dressed. James tells her it’s not a problem that him and Patrick were just having a conversation about current events. Ngozi says she will wait for him downstairs in the kitchen. James says she should stay but Ngozi insists she will wait downstairs. She seems so shocked at what she has just seen.

Ngozi-Nana Yaa-Market-1

The next day in the market with Nana Yaa, Ngozi talks about the situation with James and wonders why he was naked in the bathroom in front of another guy. Nana Yaa tells Ngozi she’s being unfair and sexualizing the situation. Ngozi tells Nana Yaa if she was in the same situation she would feel the exact same way.

Ngozi-Nana Yaa-Market-2

Nana Yaa speaks in English to the market lady and asks her how much the tomatoes cost. The market lady calls across to her friend in another stall. She asks her friend in Twi about whether she should charge Nana Yaa the local price or the foreigner price (Such a classic situation. If you can, avoid speaking English or have a friend go with you and negotiate). Her friend tells her to charge Nana Yaa the foreigner price. The market lady tells Nana Yaa the tomatoes cost 10 Ghana Cedis. Nana Yaa tells the market lady in Twi she will give her 5 Ghana Cedis instead.

Ngozi-Nana Yaa-Market-4

Ngozi asks Nana Yaa what she should do. Nana Yaa tells Ngozi she is Americanizing the situation and James and Patrick are just friends. She tells her that in Accra you can find men holding hands while walking down the street (very true and it is normal). Ngozi says their situation in the bathroom is not friendship and they are strange. Ngozi asks Nana Yaa how she is supposed to know which food is good to buy in the market. Nana Yaa tells her you can tell by the touch and smell. Ngozi hates the whole process of cooking and doesn’t understand why someone like her with a degrees from John Hopkins has her whole life depending on whether she can chop onions (why are they so hung up on the schools they went to? like it makes them on this higher level).

Ngozi-Nana Yaa-Market-3

Nana Yaa tells her that if she doesn’t like it with James she should end it, and should tell James about her needs. Ngozi says she feels like she is not allowed to have needs (that is a bad sign in my opinion). Nana Yaa asks Ngozi why she has been making meat dishes for James when she is a vegetarian. She tells her to make vegetarian meals and invite James into her world. Nana Yaa goes on to say that James is not the one for Ngozi. Ngozi talks about cooking for James and how tedious it is because he wants his woman to cook with her hands as a sign of love like his mother did. Nana Yaa tells her to be with a man she can be honest with and is ok with the fact that she doesn’t like cooking. Ngozi says if she is honest with James he wont marry her.

Nana Yaa-thinking-gender

Later in her kitchen cutting tomatoes, Nana Yaa thinks about gender roles and how in Accra she constantly feels the pressure to comply with them. She wonders about gender progression in Africa and what the end goal will be and who is driving the bus on the issue.

Nana Yaa visits her mother and sees the kitchen is filled with hampers (gift baskets) for her father. Her mother asks her about Edem, she explains that they broke up. Her mother tells her she can’t keep up with her and her dating life. Nana Yaa changes the subject and asks her mother what she is going on since she sounded sad on the phone. She tells her that he father comes home late every night. Nana Yaa says it’s because he is under a lot of pressure (what?) because of a looming fuel shortage. Her mother tells her that no one sorts out the country’s fuel shortage after 9 pm.

Nana Yaa-with mom

Nana Yaa comes to her father’s defence saying there is a delegation from China  in town and that he must be having late dinners with them. Her mother is upset and says that is not the reason since they have a cook at the home that could prepare the meals. Nana Yaa offers to call her dad to ask him when he will be home (can she be that naive when it comes to her father?). Her mother tells her not to make the same mistake she made by giving up her life for a man. Nana Yaa is shocked by her mothers words since she is always pressuring her to get married. Her mother tells her many women in her generation became dependent on their men and their sole purpose was to cook light soup with goat meat. She says that younger ladies might be on to something with living their lives for themselves, being single and independent-a gender revolution. Nana Yaa’s mother quickly changes the subject to tell her that she fired the gardener that morning. Nana Yaa looks at her mom a bit perplexed.


Makena is with Stephan and he is cooking a meal for her. After dinner they make love. While in the bedroom Stephan asks Makena if they can change positions and she says no, that missionary is the only position she enjoys. Stephan tries to convince her but she says no. He seems a bit bored.

Sade-Kwame-his wife

Sade was on her way to the pool to relax when she bumps into her married boyfriend Kwame and his family (his daughters are cute). His wife Rebecca knows Sade from GIS (Ghana International School), Sade was her junior. Sade finds out that Rebecca is pregnant, she congratulates her.


Zainab goes on a date with Ivan. He was from Rwanda and worked for the African Development Bank. They met at an economic conference where Zainab spoke about Ghana’s shea butter industry. On their date they talk about their love of the Crime Channel. They seem to be hitting it off well. Ivan talks about how he doesn’t like to watch the show Snap because he hates the thought of a beautiful woman killing him.


He jokes with Zainab and asks if she would kill him. Zainab says no, but since she watches the channel she knows how to kill him and get away with it. She talks about putting antifreeze in his juice (Ivan starts to look a bit scared). My girl is going to far with the crime talk. She is talking to Ivan about blood splatter, using a knife to cut his throat and burning his body. Ivan looks petrified at this point. The waiter comes to the table and asks if they would like desert, Zainab says yes but Ivan asks for the cheque.

girls out-after Zainab date

Zainab later meets up with the girls. Nana Yaa reminds Zainab that she had told her to stop watching the Crime Channel. Zainab tells the girls not to laugh at her because Ivan is not taking her calls any more. Nana Yaa asks Ngozi if she has called James and told him how she feels. Ngozi says she has and that him being in the bathroom with Patrick was just a big misunderstanding and he is her future husband (poor girls is so desperate to be married).

makena talking about being a lady

Makena talks about Stephan being a jerk for wanting other sexual positions. Nana Yaa asks her what happened and Makena says Stephan is trying to make love to her by riding her like a dog. Makena says she doesn’t feel like a lady in that position [side note: the whole time the girls are talking Sade hasn’t said a word and looks as if she is not there with them but in her own world]. Zainab says she blames Makena for the situation with Stephan. Makena doesn’t agree and says that position is for dogs and not for Oxford educated females with law degrees. Zainab tells her she can’t just like one style and is missing out. Makena says she hates feeling like a farm animal when having sex (she has had some bad experience for someone to leave her feeling like an animal). Makena explains that she believes there is sex you have with your soon to be wife and sex you have with a one night stand and hookers. Ngozi says Makena is right and believes a man should look into a woman’s eyes when making love and that is what she expects from her future husband James. Zainab says Ngozi is going to bore him and herself with that thinking.

Sade out of it

Zainab asks Sade for her opinion on the conversation. Sades opens her mouth to speak and says “She’s pregnant. Kwame’s wife Rebecca”. She tells the girls that she saw them together the other day. Nana Yaa reminds Sade  she loves her life the way it is with her career and plenty of men (the way Sade is sitting in shock you can tell she really doesn’t love her life the way it is). Sade talks about how her Facebook timeline has changed to all her friends taking pics of babies.

Ngozi talking about James

Ngozi reminds her she doesn’t care about marriage or babies. Sade tells the girls  she almost touched Rebecca’s belly. Ngozi tells her she can’t touch her belly because if something happens to the baby they whole family would blame her of using juju. Nana Yaa asks Sade what is wrong. Sade asks the girls if this is it for them single ladies. She talks about how she use to think she was so fabulous but now feels like she is missing out.


Kwame knocks on Sade’s door with a present. She leaves her door open and walks into her house. He follows her in and sits on the couch. Her first words to him are “Your wife is pregnant”. He says yes. He tells Sade that Rebecca is his wife so of course she is pregnant.



Sade tells Kwame that she wants a baby and starts kissing him (Biological clocks are so dangerous. They will kick you in the throat sometimes) and begins to cry while she keeps saying “I want one”. Kwame stops her and says he can’t give her a baby. Sade cries even more. He apologizes and holds her in his arms while she cries.


A few days later Ngozi visits James  hoping he would fall madly in love with her and her cooking and propose marriage. She knocks on his bedroom door and walks in to see him sitting on the floor shirtless and getting a back rub/massage from Patrick. She asks what they are doing. James says his neck and shoulder feel stiff from playing football (soccer) and that Patrick is giving him a massage (why couldn’t he ask Ngozi to do that for him?)


Right then Ngozi realizes she needs to be true to her needs and wants. She yells no at James and tells him she touched goat meat for him and how she hates goat meat. She leaves his house.


Makena goes over to Stephan’s house with Sushi (take out). She stares at him lovingly while he tells her that he misses her. They end up making love after dinner and Stephan once again asks Makena to change positions. She says no and that she hates anything that isn’t missionary. He tells her that he wants her in different ways but she says they should just stick to the regular. He seems really bored again. Makena decides  to turn over and Stephan seems very happy. But Makena flips over again and is upset with him. She can’t believe he was really going to do that to her and he should know that she doesn’t like that she is very mad at him (she is so confusing).

Zainab-ivan-meet up-1

Ivan was still avoiding Zainab. Zainab was at an ATM when Ivan sees her and tries to go back into the building. Zainab sees Ivan. He crouches behind a potted plant and tries to slink away from her. He even hides behind the wall of the building to peak and see if she is still there.


The following day at Nana Yaa’s place, Ngozi has made garden egg stew for the girls with no meat. They tell her that the meal is good. Makena asks if she can take some of the stew back to Stephan.

girls-meet up-nana yaa

Right then Nana Yaa gets a text from Edem saying he moved out and has his own place (Yay!!! Im excited for her. The man is fine.) Nana Yaa smiles at her phone and asks Makena if she is still mad at Stephan. Makena tells her that she is still a bit mad at him. The girls tell Makena to try a different position. Makena tells them she wants intimacy and doesn’t feel other positions can provide her that intimacy.

girls-meet up-2

Nana Yaa tells Makena that she has only had one position with Stephan and doesn’t know if she would like something different. Ngozi is so happy the girls love her cooking because that means she can find a husband, she starts to do a dance (too cute her dancing around in the kitchen). Sade tells Makena she is starting to be like Ngozi.


This comment shocks Makena so that night she visits Stephan and reconsiders her views. She apologizes to Stephan and tells him she is willing to try new things. He asks her what she is willing to do. She tries to kiss him but he backs away. He tells her he hopes she is not trying to trick him. She says it isn’t a trick. They try different things and she really enjoys herself.

*So what did you think of the episode? We are 5 episodes in now do you have any thoughts on this season? im happy that we actually got to see some depth to Sade in this episode. I hope we continue to learn more about her. I am also happy that Edem moved out. Nana Yaa has a boyfriend!! lol. *


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