An African City: S2 E4- The List

Everyone has a list. It can be for things like groceries, clothes or books. But many women have a list of the ideal and perfect man. In this episode the girls talk about their lists and whether they are realistic.

first scene girls out-talking

The girls meet up for a treat and to talk. Zainab talks about Prince her perfect guy that fits all the requirements on her list. There is just one thing, Prince has thing for armpits.  The girls are a bit confused at this revelation and ask Zainab to explain in more detail. Apparently Prince gets aroused at the smell of armpits (dude was sniffing her armpit too fiercely), he licks and kisses Zainab’s armpit and basically has sex with her armpit (the man humped the heck out of her armpit-what a world) Everyone is shocked at this information (girls out here are suffering). Sade questions whether she has missed an erogenous zone and Makena stops her to say  having sex with an armpit is not an erogenous thing but a crazy thing and Zainab should run for her life (I agree). Nana Yaa asks Zainab if she enjoyed him thrusting in her armpit and she says it did nothing for her sexually. Zainab is confused how someone that graduated top of their class at Legon, and made partner at the age of thirty at an accounting firm could be into something so weird. She says  she loves the great business advice he gives her so she is thinking of over looking the fact  he likes to thrust her in her armpit (in my opinion she should have never dated him and just got business advice from him only).

nana yaa-home-lists

Nana Yaa is sitting at home and thinking about how Zainab is able to overlook one mans ‘quirks’ because he met all aspects on her dream guy list. She wonders if lists help or hurt.

nana yaa-edem meet

One night ,while out looking for kelewele to buy Nana Yaa meets Edem an IT Specialist  (he is fine) After a few weeks of dating Nana Yaa was happy that Edem met all her requirements on her dream list. He was handsome, charming, intelligent, had a full set of teeth and a job. There was only one issue, he was divorced and that wasn’t on Nana Yaa’s dream guy list but she didn’t mind that much except for the fact  they were still very friendly.

Edem is at Nana Yaa’s house and while she is making food for them he is on his phone laughing with someone. When he gets off the phone he explains to Nana Yaa that he was on the phone with his ex-wife Abena. Nana Yaa tells Edem she didn’t realize how close him and his ex Abena were and  it’s something rare amongst divorced couples. Edem tells her  they got married too young and they made a lot of mistakes but chose to remain friends (Nope. Im not here for being friends with your ex. We can be polite when we bump into each other but we cant sit on the phone like nothing happened if we have no children to talk about).

nana yaa-find out wife

He explains to Nana Yaa  the reason for the call was that Abena forgot her house key. Nana Yaa is confused and asks why Abena would call him about her house key and why Edem has a copy of her house key. He reveals to Nana Yaa that they still live together. Nana Yaa is shocked.

nana yaa-sade at gym

Nana Yaa meets up with Sade at the gym (she is there watching her new boxer boyfriend work out) to tell her about the new information she has found out about Edem. Sade says she knows men who live with their wife and girlfriend all in the same house and  it is normal (in which world is that normal?). Nana Yaa tells Sade that Edem claims to live on the first floor while his ex wife lives on the second (like stairs would hinder someone from entering a bedroom for some sneaky freaky) and that Nana Yaa should give him until the end of next week to sort it all out. But to Nana Yaa the situation makes no sense since they have had this living arrangement for two years. Sade says she blames Nana Yaa for the situation because she told her to go to his house and find out where he lives from the beginning. Nana Yaa complains she hates how Edem acts like the situation is not a big deal. Sade asks her if she ever asked him about his living arrangements when he told her he was divorced (Very true. You have to ask men if they are really divorced or just separated and where they live). Nana Yaa tells Sade she never thought of asking him and just assumed  having an ex-wife meant they lived in two separate places. Sade explains that is not the case on the African continent and she should have asked him for more details. Nana Yaa is still perplexed at the idea of having to ask a divorced African man if he still lives with his ex, she asks Sade if she asked her new boxer boyfriend if he still lives with his wife. Sades replies by saying she is not like Nana Yaa and not interested in his ex-wife.


Makena and Stephan are together at work (they work for the same law firm) she walks to him his office and gives him a kiss. She is worried that the other ladies in the office also see Stephan as their dream man (she really has trust issues).

ngozi at work

Across town, Ngozi is at work hoping her dream guy would magically appear. She considered any man she saw with no wedding ring on their left hand as a potential husband (but many GH men dont wear those rings so their is no point just looking at their finger). If a man had no ring on his finger he was on his way to being on her list. Ngozi was more polite and outgoing with single men in her workplace than she was with the married men.

nogzi work flirt

Ngozi had met a guy named Max through a mutual friend and she was happy because Max had no ring. They would have frequent conversation on Skype (he wasn’t currently in the country).

nana yaa-edem fight in room

Nana Yaa is in her bedroom on the bed when Edem walks in the room. Her first words to him are “It’s been just one more week”. Edem tells her that he needs more time. Nana Yaa gets upset and demands to know how he can still be living with his ex. She yells at him to move out of their house. Edem tells her he will. Nana Yaa asks him if he really is divorced (now you ask?) and he says yes. Nana Yaa tells Edem she really likes him but cant be with a man who lives with his ex-wife (I’m starting to notice that Nana Yaa is very dramatic). Edem says he understands where Nana Yaa is coming from and  he promises he will move out. She doesn’t believe him. He begs for her to give him more time (til the end of the month) He starts kissing her and she gives in (he’s fine so I don’t blame her too much for that).

nana yaa-edem-make up- room

Saturday night Sade is on a date with her rich boxer. She starts kissing on him and slowly brings her hand across his leg and then his thigh (she is checking for his package). While kissing she keeps moving her hand around looking for something. She gets confused and starts patting his crotch (this scene was too much she was acting like he didn’t have one)

Sade-boxer checking

The next day Sade and the girls go to Surfline (I only know this because I recognize the uniforms) to look for an internet package. Sade tells the girls that she hates not being able to tell the size of a man and that the suspense is driving her crazy.

girls at surfline

Nana Yaa says she feels sorry for men because with women there is at least some kind of compensation (big butt, no boobs or big boobs, no butt). Zainab says a woman can be flat everywhere as long as she has a vagina. The girls talk about men having lists as well. Sade insists that even if men have lists the main requirement is having a vagina. Nana Yaa talks about how if I man has a small penis it’s over for her (hmm yet she stayed a whole year with Fidel). Ngozi says love is the important factor and love is bigger than anything else. Zainab disagrees and says that something has to be “bigger”. Nana Yaa admits that is why she was able to forgive Edem for living with his ex-wife because the sex is amazing. Ngozi is happy for Nana Yaa and hopes she can make the relationship work.

girls at surfline-edem the greatest

She is also proud of Sade for being able to abstain from sex with her boxer boyfriend.  Sade tells the girls that she is not celibate and the reason she hasn’t slept with him yet is because he is training for a match next month. Sade tells them she is a single woman and not chained to anyone and if she wants will sleep with another man.

girls at surfline 3

Makena tells the girls about her issue at work with Stephan and how she fears that the women at her law office are trying to get with Stephan. Ngozi tells the girls she only has eyes for Max (who is apparently from Germany). Nana Yaa asks Ngozi about her list and if the guy no longer had to be from Nigeria. Ngozi explains that Max has no ring and that is what matters.

girls at surfline ngozi talking about max

The following week Ngozi met up with Max . The idea of Max finally moving to Ghana made her hear wedding bells. While sitting down at the table their mutual friend Florence shows up and Ngozi asks her what she was doing at their dinner. Florence says Max invited her. Ngozi seems confused because she thought it was a date but now she has instantly become the third wheel.

nogzis date with max

Across town Zainab was showing Prince around her shea butter company. Prince had tons of experience advising multinationals across the continent. While at her business he advises her to move some equipment to different areas to help increase productivity and work more efficiently. He offers to draw up a production map for her. Zainab thanks him for being so helpful and rethinks leaving him because of his armpit thrusting (She shouldn’t date him but just use him for his business knowledge. Not everyone is meant to be your boyfriend).

zainab and prince-shea butter

At dinner, Max talks about how the elite in Africa do nothing for the fight against poverty. Florence agrees with him. Florence is getting too close to Max like she is also interested in him (I’m so confused. Didn’t she introduce Ngozi to Max?) Ngozi tries to get a word in but Max cuts her  to say that he has done more for Africans on the continent than the upper middle class and the average African. Florence chimes in to say that she just read his publication on child poverty eradication. Max shows her pics of his trip to Ethiopia. Ngozi looks at the pictures and tells him that they are poverty p0rn “Oh look at me, I’m so wonderful. I help poor African children” is what she says to him. Max is shocked that Ngozi would say something like that to him. Ngozi continues to tell  Max about himself and his economic reports. She tells him that poverty eradication needs more than economic reports. Max disagrees and feels that his reports are doing something. Ngozi tells him that his reports only look good on coffee tables and have no real impact on anything.

nogzi goes off on max

Ngozi continues to tell Max that what he does is good for his resume but doesn’t do anything for the fight against poverty. Florence (and her lying self) says Ngozi is not telling the truth and that Max’s work is very important. Ngozi ignores Florence’s response and asks Max if there is poverty in Germany and why he isn’t in Germany collecting data and writing reports on the fight against poverty there. Ngozi goes on to say that the reason he is in Ghana and not Germany looking at poverty is because Max works for a development agency that gives him housing, a driver, pays for his electricity and fuel for his generator and flies him all around the continent to do research on poor people while traveling in business class (she was really fired up) and that he gets paid an expat salary in US dollars. Max defends this by saying that Ngozi also gets the same thing for doing development work. Ngozi tells him no, she is considered a local hire and receives none of the things he does, but if more Ghanaians did receive packages like his they would be fighting poverty as well. She goes on to say that if Max wasnt recieving all those perks he would have never left Germany.


Makena is at work with Stephan having lunch. She still feels like she is  in a fight at work for her man with every woman in the building. While having lunch she can see some co-workers gawking and staring at her and Stephan. She asks Stephan whey the ladies are staring at them. Stephan tries to assure Makena that no one is looking at them. Makena doesn’t agree with him and tells him about how in the morning she asked all the  associates on their floor to draft a letter for her and they said they were too busy.


Stephan tells Makena that she is exaggerating. She continues to tell him everyone hates her and loves him. She goes on to talk about the paralegals at the company and how they never reply to her emails she sends out to them. Stephan reassures Makena no one hates her. He offers to explain something about Ghanaian culture to her. She tells him it is impossible for him to tell her about Ghanaian culture. He tells her  she might actually want to hear what he has to say about about office politics in Ghana. Makena reminds Stephan that he is from Washington DC and should tell her only about American culture, her mother is from Jamestown, Accra and she doesn’t need to be educated on Ghanaian culture. Stephan asks her how many people she greets when she comes to work in the morning. She seems confused at his question (I can’t believe Makena doesn’t greet people. That is mandatory for a GH person. As a child you learn right away that you must greet people when you walk into a room or suffer the consequences). She tells him that his question is not relevant. Stephan tells Maken if she has to ask him the relevance of his question that shows she doesn’t understand GH culture.

sade-boxer-wants to see

Later that night Sade was on another date with her boxer boyfriend, letting him know that she respects that he has to save him ‘vim’ for the ring, but feels that his jeans and underwear are being deceitful to her and not letting her know what she is waiting for (can’t believe she is saying this to him). She is literally pacing back and forth talking to him about this situation.

sade-boxer shows her

She tells him that she is in a suspenseful moment waiting to see his size. Sade continues on by saying this must be the number one cause of high blood pressure for women under 40. She tells her boxer that he should at least give her a preview. The boxer makes her sit on the couch and turns around and pulls out his business. Sade looks and is seems satisfied with what he is working with.

Makena greets

The next day at work Makena greets everyone at with a smile and some small chat. By the end o the week associates are drafting her papers, the paralegals are responding to her emails and there is not gossiping about her at the water cooler.

ngozi back to checking rings

After her situation with Max, Ngozi went back to looking at fingers and sticking to her dream list of marrying a Nigerian or Ghanaian.

zainab-prince on couch

Zainab is at home with Prince (Mr. Armpits) lying on the couch when he lifts her arm up and attempts to sniff her. Zainab stops him from smelling her and asks why he likes her armpits so much. He seems confused with her question and asks what she means. Zainab explains that he spends a lot of time in her armpits. He seems not fazed at her comment and only replies with “So?” She tells him that she is ok with him kissing her shoulder or her upper arm but she isn’t comfortable with all his attention to her armpits. Prince tells Zainab that he has a ‘thing’ for armpits. Zainab seems sad and tells him that he graduated first in his class from Legon.

zainab-prince couch armpit

He kisses his teeth at her remark and says once again “So?” (I feel the exact same way. What does education have to do with him being weird and liking armpits? Only uneducated people would have that kind of quirk?) He lifts his arm up and asks Zainab to sniff it. Zainab says no but he keeps pushing his armpit closer to her face. Zainab breaks up with Prince. After he leaves her house she registers for classes online in Business Administration.

It’s the end of the month. Nana Yaa is in her kitchen eating Jollof when Edem walks in (does he have a key or is her door open all the time?). He asks if he can have a bite of her food. He tries to kiss Nana Yaa but she turns away and asks if he has moved out. He tells her that he needs more time, just one more month. Nana Yaa laughs. He tries to explain himself but she tells him to leave her house. Edem tells Nana Yaa that she isn’t listening to him but she doesn’t care and wants him out. She tells him to come back when he is ready to be in a relationship and maybe she will still be around. He leaves her house.

What did you think of this episode? I really had wanted things to work out for Nana Yaa. Hopefully she will find a nice guy without a complicated past soon. I’m still waiting to learn more about Sade outside of her love of sex. Where does she work? Does she keep in contact with her parents? Need to see her character more developed.


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