That GH Girl’s Guide: Finding a Man in Ghana

It’s that time of year that (some) single girls dread and hate: Valentine’s Day. If you are a West African girl you hate it even more because your mom and auntie Yaa always say “So this year too no Valentine? Your mates are getting married. You better hurry  up. We want to see our grandchildren”. But you have tried. You have gone on dates with boys in Toronto and it didn’t work, they just seemed to be substandard. So you decided to go to the US but NY and Maryland boys just couldn’t make the list. You even tried online with a UK boy and couldn’t handle all the ‘init init’ asem. Well Maame, I have your last and best option. Try Ghana. Don’t scrunch your face at me like that. Ghana is the final frontier for a single girl like you, and if you follow my guide you wont be sorry koraa.

Before dating someone in Ghana was looked at as weird and a move for only desperate girls who had no other options but that is not the case any more. Now many people are dating/marrying someone that lives in Ghana and enjoying themselves. Admit it, your friend Cynthia went to Ghana during the Christmas season and you saw her luck. She told you about all the great guys she met out there and all the fun she had. Don’t act like you didn’t see her Instagram with the hashtag #YeWoKrom.  Now Cynthia is dating a guy named Kweku and they are talking about marriage (you know us GH people we move quick). You too don’t you want that? You too must find a Kweku and talk about marriage so auntie Yaa can stop gossiping about you like that.

This guide will give you the right steps to take so you can grab a man and have a permanent Valentine next year. You shall not go another year of being single in Jesus’ name (say Amen). You will have a prospective on the horizon soon.

STEP ONE: Get some GH friends

If you have no friends in Ghana it will make it a bit hard for you to find this man you are looking for. My guide will give you a few places to look for him but if you make some GH friends they can introduce you to their nice single friend Akwasi, that is looking to get married to a lovely lady like you. Getting GH friends is not difficult to find these days. Your first start should be by going online . Nyame Adom nti (by God’s grace) we have Facebook and Twitter and they are great ways to interact with people that live in Ghana, because when you fly out to Ghana you will need a good group of friends to chill with. You can’t stay at the family house with grandma and your 10 year old cousin Abrefi all day or you will die of boredom. *In the process of making GH friends some men will try to ‘friend’ you on Facebook. Don’t be too quick to accept and pick one that way Maame. The guy could be married have 6 kids and live in a one bedroom with his mother. You must reach Ghana and do investigations of all potential suitors. Trust me on this.

STEP TWO: Get that ticket

You have now made some awesome friends via social media and you are excited to meet up with them in person and have them introduce you to Ghana and all the cool places they hang out. Your next step is to get a ticket. If you have enough money you wont care about a sale and can buy your ticket any time. But if the economy is not doing you well you will have to wait for a sale on tickets. Out here in Toronto tickets go on sale around this time so be on the look out for sales. Sign up with KLM, Luftansa, British Airways etc for exclusive emails on when tickets will be on sale (I’m a professional flyer to Ghana. KLM calls me when I haven’t bought a ticket in a while). Now Maame, my advice to you is to not go to Ghana during Christmas. Yes you have heard Ghana is fun during that time of year but you are going for serious business not fun alone. Everyone is there during that time of year looking for a man. Do you want to compete with American girls, other Canadian girls, Europe girls and even girls who live in Australia? Kaii!! That will hinder your market. Travel at a different time (February/March is a good time) so that you are able to stand out and shine like a star.

STEP THREE: Go shopping

You are going to Ghana to find a man, you must look your best. You need to dress sharp. You need new clothes, new hair, new shoes, new everything. You must be looking on point. Yes you are a beautiful girl but we need you to look fantabruta so you can grab that man. Let that man know if he lets you go he has missed out on the best thing on this planet. Maame, I know times are tough and the economy is doing Azonto but you need to add a few new things to your wardrobe. Girls in Ghana dress paa. Sheeii!! When you see them you will see I wasn’t lying to you. Even the ntoosi (tomatoes) seller is dressing well. If someone tells you that you can go in your old Sirens clothes tell them I said they are a liar and an agent sent to hinder you. Go shopping. Prepare yourself like Queen Esther prepared. Polish well well. If you don’t do this step well you might fail on your mission. You just bought a $1000+ plane ticket you cant fail and have auntie Yaa kokonsa-ing about you like that. I’m here to help I wont let that happen to you odo.

STEP FOUR: Don’t tell people why you are going

Maame I know you are excited that you are going to Ghana to finally grab a man for yourself. But please your best friend Juliana doesn’t need to know your details and your movements. If she asks you why all of a sudden you are going to Ghana tell her that the abrewa in your family is getting old and wants to see you before it is too late. People should not be privileged to know your intentions and your movements. Not everyone will be happy for you. You keep this a secret for now. Soon you will be handing out wedding invitations so don’t worry.

*stay tuned next week for the rest of the list. Maame you wont be disappointed. You will be naming your first child after me. Trust me.*


8 thoughts on “That GH Girl’s Guide: Finding a Man in Ghana

  1. I actually came here from google looking for tips on how to snag myself an eligible Ghanaian bachelor……I ended up having a really great laugh….mehn…the single hustle is real! LMAO

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