Write It Down

For the past week or so I have seen people sharing articles and posts about a notebook that award wining writer Octavia Butler wrote inside in 1988. On the back of the notebook Butler wrote affirmations such as “I shall be a bestselling writer..each of my books will be on the bestseller lists of LAT, NYT, PW, WP, etc. My novels will go onto above lists whether publishers push them hard or not.”   I loved seeing this because Octavia Butler went on to achieve what she had written down on that notebook and much more.  It also proves the power of writing things that you want to happen in your life down on paper.

I believe in speaking things into existence, but for me writing it down is very powerful. Since 2012 I have been taking time out before the year ends to write down on paper some things that I want to happen in the following year (or even later down the road). I have written things on my list that were big (travel or change jobs) and small (see a concert) the item doesn’t matter for me it is just the idea of writing it down to make it come to pass in my life that is important to me.

For me I take my time to write a list of what I want to happen and because I am a Christian I also make sure to add God to the equation and ask for him to make certain things (those very important items on the list) happen in my life. One year I wrote that I wanted to celebrate my birthday in Ghana and in 2014 I had a great bday party with friends on the beach in Ghana. In 2014 I wrote that I wanted to go Ghana again in May 2015 and I was able to visit Ghana last year in May as well (as you can see I’m obsessed with Ghana).


What I have realized in the past year is that I need to be more specific with what I write down. I loved seeing that Ocatvia Butler was very specific with what she wrote not only did she want to be a writer but a bestselling writer on specific lists. Being more specific with what you want to happen also helps in the process. You can’t just write “get a new job” when what you really meant was “get a new job at the local hospital“.

So I just wanted to give tips on what I do when I’m writing my lists for anyone that is interested in giving it a try. You don’t have to follow what I do exactly you can just use it as a guideline and do what works for you.

  1. I first think about what I want to happen in my life and the things that I need to change. I have a yearly list and a list that is for long term life aspirations. I revise the long term list as I go on this journey.
  2. I like things to look pretty so I take my time to write out everything I use markers to make the writing look colourful and decorate the page as well. If that is not your thing you can just write the items you dont have to be colourful like me.
  3. I like to add motivational quotes and Bible verses to the page that relate to what I’m seeking to happen. A fave Bible verse for me is “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry – Habakkuk 2:3″. This verse just lets me know that even if there is a delay on certain things in my life they will surely happen.
  4.  I place every list I make in an envelope and because I love everything looking colourful I also decorate the outside of the envelope with the year and quotes and verses all over it. 
  5. I’m a Christian and strongly believe in the power of prayer so I pray over every list I make. If praying is not your thing you can skip this part. If you believe in prayers do try this part out I believe it helps get items on my list accomplished.
  6. Last but not least I work on the items on the list. You don’t just write the items down and not work on them. You cant write “clear debt” and then continuously shop and not save and put money towards to clearing the debt. You have to do your part.
  7. ***Many people have a vision board but I have a word board. I place the envelope with the lists on my word board. In my bedroom there is a cork board that has motivational sayings, daily affirmations, bible verses and quotes. A fave that is always on my word board is “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined-Thoreau”. Having words and statements all over the board is something that motivates me everyday to move forward in positivity and in the right direction.

I hope you take a try at wiring things down. Let me know how it works out for you and if certain things start happening in your life after writing them down.


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