An African City: S2E2-Sweating The Small Stuff


Zainab 1

The girls are trying to learn how to deal with certain issues in Ghana that they never had to think about while living abroad. In this episode we start off with Zainab sitting at her desk working when the lights suddenly go out (dumsor-light off) clearly she is upset and frustrated. Next we see Sade in bed and not looking pleased at all.She isn’t happy with the boring foreplay she is receiving.

girls exercising 2

Later the girls go to a spin class to talk (I didn’t know they had spin classes in Ghana that is so cool to find out) Ngozi tells Sade to stay focused on the class (she has her feet up and isn’t participating) but she says she can’t stop thinking about someone named Brian (apparently her and Kwame are on a break) and how horrible he is at foreplay, cuz he only sucks on her left breast and does nothing else. The girls tell her not to worry about the situation but she is worried. She wants him to move all over her body. She says the right breast also needs attention. The girls laugh that her right breast is jealous.

Nana Yaa-Fidel

The next scene is Nana Yaa with Fidel Roberto. Fidel is lacing up his shoes getting ready to go for a run. Once Fidel has left Nana Yaa heads to her laptop. She has been obsessed with her ex Segun’s wife Kukuwaa and her blog where she writes about stuff like private equity in Africa and how people constantly write on the blog that they love her. Nana Yaa calls Sade to ask about what she should do (Sade answers the phone while in the middle of bad foreplay). Nana Yaa asks Sade how she can get over her jealous obsession with Kukuwaa. Sade tells her that it has nothing to do with Kukuwaa and everything to do about her obsession with Segun.

Nana Yaa spying 2

Sade tells her that she needs to get over Segun in order to get over obsessing about his wife. Nana Yaa asks how she can do that and Sade tells her that she needs to focus on her sex life with Fidel Roberto. Nana Yaa thinks Sade is being riddiculous but Sade tells her that her issue is with the fact that Fidel is not well endowed. Sade tells Nana Yaa that her aunt is coming in from Lagos to teach a sex toy workshop since she now sells the products online for women in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa. Nana Yaa doesn’t understand why Sade is telling her this information. Sade explains that the workshop will help her overcome her issues with Fidel and  help her not obsess over Segun anymore.

Makena-Stephan 1

Makena and Stephan are on the couch kissing when his phone vibrates, he looks at the message and then leaves to go to the bathroom. Makena is trying to deal with the fact that whenever Stephan’s phone rings he hides the caller id from her. She’s tempted to pick up his phone but every time she tries her hands shake and she is just too nervous to see what is on the phone. (I never understood the need to see the phone. If im checking your phone that means I don’t trust you and we shouldn’t be together koraa). 

Makena phone 2

Ngozi is in the car on her way to work and she starts thinking about whether she should sit in the back or front seat of the car while her driver is driving her around. Sitting in the back made her feel too elitist for someone that works for an NGO dedicated to poverty reduction. She felt that she might be sending the wrong message. (In Ghana I sit in the front seat and chat with the driver I know that feeling of not wanting to feel like you are being chauffeured around)

Ngozi car 1

 Ngozi asks her driver to stop the car. She gets down and moves to sit in the front. She thinks sitting in the front is a better feel for her and makes the situation more humane. Yet while sitting in the front she felt that wasn’t the African thing to do. Africans sat in the back. It was more of an American thing to sit in the front and she didn’t want to be American in this situation. She once again makes her driver stop the car so she can sit in the back seat. She felt more professional in the back but also felt like she was being self righteous and makes the driver stop the car once more.

Ngozi car 2

Zainab is dealing with a lot of situations that are not making it easy for her not to sweat the small stuff. At work she finds her assistant Deborah in a room watching a telenovela called “Destalindo Amor”. (GH people love novelas. When I lived in Ghana the main novela at the time was “Storm Over Paradise” and people at work would sneak to watch it)


She starts telling Zainab the story line about how a rich girl is in love with a fieldworker who she has just found out is impotent. Deborah starts crying and blowing her nose and keeps saying “Eii!! impotent!!” Zainab just closes the door on her.


At the Ghana Revenue Authority Zainab has been trying to get some documents stamped. She sent her assistant first to handle the issue but it couldn’t get resolved. The clerk asks her if she knows that it is Friday. Zainab lets him know that she does know what day it is. The clerk tells her the weekend is approaching and if she had anything for the weekend, meaning he was looking for a bribe to get her documents approved quickly. Zainab has a rule about her company not paying bribes and tells the clerk she has nothing to give him and that he should just let her know when her documents are ready no matter how long it takes.


At the bank Zainab is informed that she can no longer take US dollars out of her own bank account. The Banker lets her know that the Bank of Ghana has banned all US accounts (this sounds crazy to me). She asks when the policy came into effect and he tells her it happened the night before. She tells him she doesn’t understand so he explains that her account has gone from being a US Dollar account to a Ghana Cedi account (that is some bs to me). Zainab looks furious but doesn’t yell at the guy she just lets it go.

girls at workshop

The following week the girls meet up for the workshop being held by Sade’s aunt. Sade talks to the girls about how she told her aunt about her dilemma with Customs last year and how she came up with the business plan to help women across West Africa buy their sex toys online. Ngozi tells Nana Yaa that she is uncomfortable. Nana Yaa tells her it will be fine and that the flyer says the workshop is not only about sex but about love as well and that she will be fine (I highly doubt that).


Sade tells Nana Yaa that she told her aunt about her situation with Fidel. Nana Yaa is shocked that she would tell he aunt about her situation with her boyfriend. Sade says they all have their problems and that for her it’s the fact that Brian still only pays attention to her one breast. The conversation turns in a direction that Ngozi isn’t interested in so she decides that she wants to leave the room. The girls try to convince her to stay but she says she should have never come to the workshop in the first place and that she will wait for Nana Yaa in the car.


Once she is gone Sade asks why Ngozi even hangs out with them in the first place when she knows Sade loves to talk about a mans essential anatomy. The girls are silent while Sade talks. Sade goes on to say that she likes to talk about sex and that if Ngozi think it’s un-ladylike or un-Ghanaian or ungodly she is judging her. Zainab tells her not to sweat the small stuff. (I don’t think Ngozi is judging her. Not everyone wants to talk about sex all the time and not as plain and graphically like Sade does. She is just different)  Sade’s aunt starts the workshop by showing sex toys of different shapes, colours and sizes (Ngozi most definitely would have not felt comfortable in this workshop)

Ngozi-Nana Yaa3

Ngozi and Nana Yaa walk to her car so they can go home but Ngozi struggles with where she should sit in her car. She struggles with which door she should open and starts to cry. Nana Yaa asks if she is ok and needs help opening the door to her car. (why can’t she just sit in the back with Nana Yaa?)

Makena-Stephan 2

After the workshop Makena heads to Stephan’s place and they start making out on the couch. [side note: Stephan’s apartment is beautiful. I love how it is decorated] His phone starts to ring and he looks at the number and places the phone back on the table. Makena gets frustrated and asks him why he always hides his caller id by placing his phone face down on the table. Stephan doesn’t understand what she is trying to say. She tells him that with her phone she has nothing to hide so she faces it on the table with the screen showing unlike him. Stephan tells he that it was his mother that called but he didn’t answer because he is busy with her and his mother had already called him that afternoon.

Makena phone 3

Makena doesn’t believe him and demands to look through his phone. Stephan hands her the phone and Makena starts furiously looking through the phone. She tells Stephan that she isn’t stupid and knows that he uses the name “mother” in his phone to hide the names of girls he is talking to. Stephan asks her what kind of men she has dated in the past to make her think like that. (clearly they were sneaky, scamming cheaters) Makena calls the number and starts off the conversations by saying “you were just calling my boyfriend” (like she really wanna fight his momma?) and finds out it really is his mother and that she wants to speak to Stephan. Stephan apologizes to his mom for Makena’s behaviour.


Ngozi decides to get a bike because she hates driving in Accra and feels that a bike would solve her car seating dilemma.


Zainab is at work with her assistant trying to stay calm when the lights go out again (Dumsor.  I heard it is better now) She asks her assistant if the lights were supposed to go off that day.

Zainab-lights out

[side note: to ration power and inform customers the energy sector made a schedule for consumers to know when the lights would go out in their neighbourhood so they could prepare but the schedule was never followed]  The next day Zainab visits an ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) outlet to ask why the lights went out in her area when it was not scheduled (such a waste of time)  She tells the clerk that her business depends on light and she wants to know the next time the lights will go out so she can be prepared and all the clerk can tell her is to follow the schedule. She tries to stay calm but cant and argues with the clerk about how ECG made keeping the lights on a priority during the World Cup but doesn’t care about business owners in the country. The clerk tells her to go home and follow the schedule. This triggers Zainab and she starts yelling “Follow the schedule!” repeatedly.

Zainab-ecg office

A few nights later Sade is in bed with Brian and complains about him being on her one breast for 20 mins (why would she let him to that to her?) and tells him he is neglecting her whole body. He doesn’t get want she is hinting at and just moves to her other breast for 30 mins. She breaks up with him the following week.


Nana Yaa is in her bedroom laying out tons of sex toys on the bed determined to make it work with Fidel. Fidel walks in and asks her what all the stuff is for. Nana Yaa tells him about the new business Sade’s aunt is starting and how she went to a private launch with the girls. She tells Fidel that her aunt sells sex toys and his face changes when he hears that word. Nana Yaa keeps talking about how she has bought a couple of things and how it might be fun to try them out (his facial reaction is getting worse). Fidel grabs his suit jacket from her closet and prepares to leave. Nana Yaa tries to apologize and says she should have asked him first but he leaves her place anyway. Nana Yaa and Fidel don’t see each other again. Fidel wont pick her calls and she isn’t sure if she offended his manhood (I think she did offend him. He must know about his situation and thought he had finally found a woman who understood and was content in being with him.)

Nana Yaa-Fidel3

So sad to see that Nana Yaa and Fidel aren’t together anymore but I knew it wouldn’t last since she only stayed with him because Segun was about to marry Kukuwaa. It wasnt really love for her.

What did you think of Episode 2? Are you enjoying this new season so far? Let me know.


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