An African City: Recaps


I’m so happy that the new season is finally here. I look forward to seeing how things have evolved since we last saw the girls. Hopefully with this season we will get to learn more about the characters (especially Sade what does she do for a living?) and see them developed more.

Every Sunday an episode will be posted on The An African City website (don’t forget to purchase) and for those on the continent they can start watching in February. Feb 1 on Ebonylife TV (DSTV-Channel 165)  at 8:30 p.m. and on CANAL AFRIQUE (dubbed in French which I think is great) starting Feb 9.

My hope, aim and goal is to watch on Sunday and have a review/recap up by Monday (evening). I just want to make a disclaimer that the show is intended for maturer audiences. It’s not for everyone even some of us grown ups wont like some of the content of the show. I for the most part consider myself to be conservative when I write about certain issues (see I didn’t even name what issue) but that doesn’t mean I wont mention certain scenes when they happen.  Ok and now on to my recap of the first episode (yay!!)


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