An African City: Music in Season 1

An African City 23


With season 2 approaching (Sunday yall!! I hope you have  purchased the new season) it got me thinking about the great music I heard during Season 1 and hoping they have amazing music this new season as well. I just want to share the music that is found in season 1 some I had heard before and others were new and such a great surprise and chance to add great music to my list.


Episode 1- The Return

M.anifest-Motherland such a great song to open the series up with

Jayso and Adina Thembi- Music  this song is so beautiful. Adina has such an amazing voice.

Maurice Kirya- Wooye  I love his voice. I have no idea what he is saying (he’s from Uganda)

Episode 2- Sexual Real Estate

 Lady Jaywah feat E.L –  Monkey Money– This right here is my song! I love Lady Jaywah. I wish this song had a video it would be amazing I know it.

 Episode 3 – An African Dump 

Jayso and Sarkodie – Pizza and Burger  I have heard this song many times (I am Ghanaian) but I never thought this song could be used in a sexy scene. When Nana Yaa and Kofi were making out to this song!!??!! Sheii!!! What a wow! The scene had me with my mouth open and thinking hmm this song is sounding sexy.

Episode 4- A Customs Emergency

Samini feat Mugeez (from R2Bees) –Tempo Nice song from two of the best in the GH music scene.

Episode 5- Belly Button Test 

Paapa feat Jayso   Now that I’m here  Paapa has a lovely voice and plays the piano as well. When he was on Tumblr he was always such a cool and down to earth guy. Im not sure where he is now (if you have an idea let me know).

Raquel feat Sarkodie– Sweetio  I love this song. I hate the video. But this song is awesome.

Episode 6- He Facebooked Me

Rhian Benson  Rewind (Shook Remix) Another person with a lovely voice that I wonder where they are.

Episode 7- Condom Etiquette 

SaminiSweet Mistake  I dare you to try and not sing along with this song.

Episode 8- An Ode to Saturdays

A.I- O.A.O (2legit Records)  So I looked for this song paa until I found it. It’s apparently a song written for the Brazilian World Cup)

Episode 9-#TeamSade #TeamNgozi

Jayso-Deeper   Dont sleep on Jayso he is very talented

Episode 10- A Big Decision

Rhian BensonBetter Without You  Great song to end the season with



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