An African City: Season 1 Episode 10 (Finale)-A Big Decision

African city 2

Nana Yaa interviews Fidel Roberto the half brother of the President of Angola for the morning show on Citi FM.  Fidel Roberto is the chairman of Angolan Petroleum.

The girls meet up for drinks and talk about Nana Yaa’s interview with Fidel Roberto  how she did a great job and how handsome and powerful Fidel Roberto is. Nana Yaa admits to the girls that she has gone on several dates since meeting him 2 days ago.

Nana Yaa also shows the girls the wedding invitation that Segun sent to her for his wedding. They can’t understand why he wants her to be at his wedding so badly.

Nana Yaa has now been dating Fidel Roberto for 3 weeks and they finally decide to sleep together (in either his or her office im not sure). Once Fidel pulls down his pants Nana Yaa realizes that Fidel isn’t really that endowed.

Sade goes on a blind date with Ben who is a millionaire after selling a mobile app for $4 million. Sade is instantly attracted to Ben and they have a great conversation. She then finds out that he is very short, shorter than her and around 5 feet tall.

At the gym Sade talks to the girls about Ben being shorter than her, but that didnt stop her from sleeping with him and enjoying it because he was packing.  Nana Yaa tells the girls that she is thinking of dumping Fidel Roberto because he is small (she says it’s like 2 inches). Sade tells her that she cant dump him because he is very rich.

Nana Yaa and Sade get home from the gym to find Segun standing outside Nana Yaa’s place. Sade leaves them to talk alone. Segun asks Nana Yaa if it is true that she is dating Fidel Roberto. He wants to know if she can talk to him about helping him out with some business he is doing in Angola with an oil contract. Nana Yaa gets upset and tells Segun that he is still as user and she wont help him out.

She asks Segun why he has chosen Kukuwaa over her. He tells her that Kukuwaa makes him feel like a man and that she believes in him. Nana Yaa gets upset and says she always believed in him. She tells him Kukuwaa only cares about the fact that he is a Nigerian with a British accent that lived in the States for a while and is now in Ghana and that is just surface love (I’m not sure how Nana Yaa is sure what Kukuwaa thinks but we all know deep down this convo isnt about Kukuwaa) but with her Segun had a woman that loved him for him.

Segun claims he still misses Nana Yaa and thinks of her even when he is with Kukuwaa. Nana Yaa doesn’t believe him and thinks he is trying to use her. He says he loves her and they kiss. She pushes him away and tells him to go and get married. Nana Yaa goes upstairs and tells Sade she is sticking with Fidel Roberto small penis and all (ugh how romantic).


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