An African City: Season 1 Episode 9-#TeamSade #TeamNgozi

african city 5

Sade believes that sex without love is fine (#teamsade). Ngozi feels that love without sex is fine (#teamngozi).

Makena and Nana Yaa go shopping. Makena tells her about preparing seeing an African America lawyer she has know for 3 years next week. She is really interested in him but every time they meet up she is on her period and they can never be intimate. She thinks things will be clear for this trip until she checks her calendar and finds out next week she will be on her period.

Sade, Zainab and Ngozi go on a group blind date with men that Ngozi sets them up with, Zainab and Sade are not pleased with Ngozi’s selections.  The conversation at the dinner table turns to work Zainab has done with women up North and how she gave a talk on HIV/AIDS and condom use. One of the men is surprised to hear that Zainab uses and condones condom use. He tells her she looks clean and shouldn’t be using condoms. The other men chime in and agree that the girls look clean and don’t have to worry cuz they only sleep with girls who look clean. Zainab is shocked to hear them talk like this since they are on the parliamentary board for health.

Sade gets very upset with the logic of the men on them looking clean and not having HIV/AIDS. She lets them know she had Chlamidiya in college, Zainab says she also had the same issue. Ngozi trying to be the peace maker and says that last week she had a yeast infection from jogging and not showering right after. Sade and Ngozi get up from the table and demand that Ngozi leave with them immediately.

The next evening Zainab’s business partner approaches her upset that she has insulted a member of parliament. Since insulting them their company is now having trade issues and the Ghanaian IRS is looking into the company’s finances. Her partner demands that she apologize to the men she insulted so that they don’t continue to hinder their ability to trade and do business.

Makena finally meets up with Stephan. He tries to convince her to move back to London, but she says she cant because she loves Accra and it is now home even though she is jobless. Stephan offers to help her out by telling his law firm to hire her as their West African lawyer on the ground in Africa. She is very grateful for his offer.

Stephan asks Makena what she wants to do next. She says she want to go to his hotel but she can’t because she is on her period. Stephan feels like Makena is lying to him and is not interested in him since this happens every time they meet. But she assures him that she really does want to sleep with him. Since they cant go to his hotel room they go out and play mini golf and have a very lovely time getting to know more about each other.



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