An African City: Season 1 Episode 8- An Ode to Saturdays

african city 4

It’s Saturday and the girls are all over town trying to relax.

Makena spends her Saturday with Matthew a Caucasian expat who works with the Ministry of Justice. She goes to use his washroom and finds his ‘pono’ collection (spelling it like that cuz im not sure if you can that word on your blog), with titles like “Grandmothers with Big Black Butts” and “Midgets and Big Black Butts”, clearly he has some kind of fetish.

Nana Yaa is heading to the beach with Peter but he was having serious car troubles and refused to use her car to get to their destination.

Sade is doing her usually rounds of picking up fresh baguettes, stopping by the ATM for money and she kept running into the same type of black car used by different women. She was also harassed by her security guard about how she is too beautiful to be changing men so often and that she needed only one good man in her life (I’m shocked she said nothing cuz I would have).

Ngozi is having lunch with an old friend from Bible Study called Kofi. He asks if she can cook (typical Gh man question), she says that she can kind of cook. He starts to list all the foods he likes such as red red (fried ripe plantain with bean and fish stew), fufu with lamb and jollof rice. Ngozi explains to him that she is a vegetarian.

Zainab spends her day with Kwasi Kyeremanteng whose family has several cocoa farms in the Ashanti region. Zainab doesn’t understand what Kwasi is saying because he only speaks twi and has a very heavy accent (for her), so anytime he talks Zainab just kisses him to shut him up. [ in this scene: in twi he is saying that she is beautiful but doesn’t like the food they have been eating and will teach her how to prepare proper food he likes because he loves her]

The girls meet up to talk about their Saturdays. Nana Yaa never got to the beach because Peter’s car broke down on the N1 (a part of the highway in Ghana). Zainab says she doesn’t understand what Kwasi Kyeremanteng is saying but is scared that he might be saying he loves her only after one week of dating. The girls talk about how African men say they love you in the first week so they can get you into bed. They also talk about how Ngozi told Kofi she could sort of cook and that wasn’t the right answer because African men expect African women to know how to cook very well.

Sade then brings up the BMWs she saw around town with the license plate KJD. Zainab tells her that those are the cars of the mistresses of Kwame John Duodu an oil tycoon that lives in Trasaco (part of Accra for the very rich people). Aparently his son also gives his mistresses cars but they are Toyotas. Sade is upset when she hears this news because she has dated the son in the past and never got a car only a pair of sun glasses.

The following Saturday Makena was on a date with Matthew but couldnt relax while they were kissing. She kept thinking he might have a fetish and left his house abruptly.

The next day while having ice cream with Nana Yaa, Makena talks about how she was scared about Matthew’s fetish when he tried to grab her butt while kissing. It makes her wonder if her white father and uncles also have fetishes about big black butts.

Nana Yaa tells Makena that she broke up with Peter when she found baby shoes in Peter’s car. Apparently Peter is traditionally engaged to his maid and they have 2 kids. Peter had introduced the maid to Nana Yaa before and told her that was his cousin.

Segun tries to call Nana Yaa but there is constant network failure.


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