An African City: Season 1 Episode 6- He Facebooked Me

african city 3

Nana Yaa meets up with the girls and lets them know that Segun sent her a Facebook message after 2 years of silence on Facebook.

Makena complains that the men she meets never call her but like all her items on Facebook and she needs them to stop doing that and pick up the phone and call her.

Zainab talks about how her ex likes everything on her Facebook but never says hi and how it is so creepy.

Nana Yaa is distraught because Segun has told her that his traditional wedding to Kukuwaa is coming up next month and he wants Nana Yaa to be there. The girls talk about the traditional wedding and how it is complicated and men use it as a chance to cheat since everyone is confused whether the traditional wedding counts.

Nana Yaa is upset that she is being invited to his wedding on Facebook after giving 7 years of her life to Segun.

[side note my boo Wanlov is in this scene playing at Republic Bar and Grill]                                       Zainab is at the Republic Bar and Grill on a date with John who saw her on Facebook and messaged her immediately. She talks to John about her job of exporting shea butter in the North to women in the US and Europe. She asks John if he is single or has a wife. John tells her that he no girl or wife, no one special except for Zainab.

Makena meets a guy named Charles but isn’t really interested at him first because of his approach. We learn from the interaction that Makena was born in Kenya and raised in London. She becomes interested after they bond over living in London.

The girls meet and talk about  Zainab’s date with John. Zainab decides to accept John’s Facebook friend request after having an amazing date the night before.  Zainab finds out that John’s status on facebook says Married. She is upset he lied to her. Nana Yaa is on Facebook and finds out that Segun has updated his status to engaged.

The girls are all feeling sad when Makena walks in to about meeting this great guy named Charles. They Google Charles and find a blog called Don’t Date Charles that says he has given several women STDs and owes child support on two continents. The blog has over 1000 comments from women all over the world.

Segun calls Nana Yaa, they argue on the phone. She deletes him from Facebook to make it official that they are no longer friends.




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