An African City: Season 1 Episode 7- Condom Ettiquette

African city 2

Nana Yaa starts dating her friend of many years named Michael. She feels confident that there will be no ugly surprises because she knows everything about him and his family. What she didn’t know was his nasty habit of throwing used condoms where ever he likes in her house. She finds one in her kitchen on the oven door and another on her ornaments in the living room (so nasty).

The girls meet up to relax at the pool. Makena has been dating Selorm for 6 weeks and they haven’t slept together yet but she wants to change that. Zainab tells her to use a condom. Makena says she struggles to tell a man-an African man especially-to use a condom. She tells the girls not to worry because Selorm has assured her that he isn’t sleeping with anyone. They all laugh at her and tell her to be serious. She asks the girls for help in how to ask him to use a condom. Sade tells her to just tell him and offers her a variety of condoms to pick for the occasion.

That night Makena meets up with Selorm and asks him to use a condom he says fine and Makena is so relieved he isn’t upset. Selorm struggles to open the package and even asks for scissors or a knife. She looks horrified that he cant open the condom (I was too).

Sade and her married boyfriend Kwame have just finished having sex when he decides that he needs to pray before going to sleep. Him praying confuses Sade. Kwame tells her that he always prays before going to bed. She wonders how he can pray when they have just had sex in the bed he shares with his wife.

Nana Yaa and Michael fight about him throwing a dirty condom that lands on her expensive bag. He says that the condom is not dirty because it has been inside her. She breaks up with him. (she needed to get rid of him the first time he showed that dirty behaviour)



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