An African City: Season 1 Episode 5- Belly Button Test

african city 1

Ngozi goes to see her gynaecologist early because Sade told her about the belly button test. That is where a guy kisses a girl all the way down to her belly button just to see if she smells fresh down there. Ngozi is worried she doesn’t smell fresh and wants to know how to tell if she does or she doesn’t smell good down there. She mentions she is waiting for marriage but worried her husband will not think she is fresh.

Nana Yaa has trouble with salons in Ghana that wont do her natural hair. They keep telling her they only do perm and suggest she should get a perm. (I haven’t had this problem when I visit Ghana with my natural hair. I think they are getting better with dealing with natural hair.)

Sade gets scared when stopped by Ghana police when driving by road checks. She is still driving with her American driver’s license and when stopped by the police she gets scared and constantly lies that she just arrived in Ghana (she has been there for almost a year) and was told she could use her license for 3 months.

Makena is job hunting. She goes to an interview where the interviewer tells her that she has great qualifications such as being able to speak French but they aren’t really hiring. He suggests that she forget about the job position and focus on dating him instead.

Zainab goes shopping and deals with an attendant who suggests she should bleach her skin so she can be beautiful and light.

At dinner Nana Yaa talks about how not being able to speak Twi when she saw Segun and Kukuwaa left her not feeling confident and has made her more determined to learn so that Kukuwaa cant “out Twi” her. (she should really learn for herself and not for some chick she doesn’t even know that well)

Ngozi talks about how she is nervous that she smells bad down there and how is a girl really to know if she really does smell.

Later on Ngozi goes on a date with Nii. She just wants to kiss but he wants more and tells her that he cant just kiss her all night. Ngozi tells him that she is waiting for marriage to do anything else. Nii then tells her that every time they kiss the next day his throat is very itchy. He blames her for eating something that is bothering him. He demands to inspect her tongue to see the problem (I cant believe she actually agreed to do this) and then he left.





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