An African City: Season 1 Episode 4-A Customs Emergency

african city 5

The girls meet up and Sade complains about her items being stuck at the port for 3 months and that they are now being held up by customs. She is desperate to get her items because she needs her vibrator. Sade says she hasn’t been able to find her kind of vibrator in West Africa (I’m kind of curious if they even sell those in West Africa? I feel like it would have to be some kind of black market item).  Zainab tell her that customs is waiting for her to give them a bribe before they release her items. Sade says she refuses to pay for her own items.

Makena leaves to get ready for her date with Kojo. She thinks she might be in love with him and hates that dependent feeling she is having. She tells the girls that she is contemplating breaking up with him so she wont fall in love.

Sade goes to customs with Nana Yaa. She has received a call that her items are ready. Nana Yaa reminds her to be nice and polite. At customs they run into Segun and his girlfriend Kukuwaa. Kukuwaa talks to Nana Yaa in twi but Nana Yaa fails to reply properly (it has happened to me before) and feels embarrassed.  Sade tries to comfort her about the situation about not being able to speak twi. Sade tells her that Kukuwa must have used juju to get Segun (I think she thinks it is impossible for a man like Segun to be attracted to a bigger in size lady like Kukuwaa. Which is bs). Nana Yaa doesn’t think so. She feels Kukuwaa represents the kind of African woman that Segun has always wanted, the kind of woman she could not be for him because she was too westernized.

The Customs Officer tells Sade her goods are at inspection and not ready. She tells the officer that she can see her goods right behind him, but he insists that her goods are still in inspection. She tries to bargain with him to let her grab one item shaped like a cricket stick (the vibrator) from her boxes. The Customs Officer says no. She tries to assure him that she is not shipping drugs in her boxes, but he misunderstands her and thinks Sade is a Nigerian drug dealer. She tries to bribe him and he says no and wants to take her to the police station. Luckily Sade didn’t end up in jail because of her famous last name and her cousin being the head of police inspections.

Sade tries to get Nana Yaa to ask her dad to talk to customs to get her vibrator from customs ( desperation paa). Nana Yaa of course says no.

Nana Yaa tells the girls that she thinks Segun is her soul mate. She tells them that she was so dependent on him in New York and had no real identity of her own but he still has a big part of her life.

Sade finally gets her items from customs. The Customs Officer asks her about one suspicious item in her box (the vibrator) and wants to know what it is. She tells him that it is used as a back massager in America and holds it up real lovingly (I felt that part was not necessary)



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