An African City: Season 1 Episode 2- Sexual Real Estate

African city 2

Nana Yaa is looking for a place to live. She is viewing a rental space with a realtor and asks him some questions about pricing and the housing market in Accra. She learns that in order to rent you have to put cash up front for a place and must be ready to pay a years rent in advance (no month to month paying). The place she is looking at is going for $5,000 a month which is $60,000 a year up front in cash, but there is no guarantee of constant running water or daily electricity. Nana Yaa complains that the price is outrageous (it really is when you think about it) and costs more than what she paid for her place in New York. The realtor seems to not care and explains that Ghana is not New York.

At dinner with the girls Nana Yaa talks about her confusion with the rental market in Ghana. They let her know that in Ghana it is ok for an unmarried woman to live at home, even if it does put a damper on her romantic life. Nana Yaa says she refuses to live at home any longer because she was independent in New York and will do the same thing in Ghana.

Zainab tells Nana Yaa that she should look into getting a loan from a mortgage company to buy her place.

Nana Yaa asks Sade and Ngozi if they used a mortgage company to get their houses. Ngozi says her father paid for her house and Sade says her sugar daddy paid for her place which is worth $500,000.

Makena then talks about how she has had men in Ghana buy her any and everything from a purse to a car and these were merely platonic male friends.

The conversation turns to whether it is acceptable to receive gifts from men. Makena says taking a purse is ok but cars is her limit. Sade on the other hand feels it is ok to accept any gift even a car. Nana Yaa asks how to know where to draw the line and Ngozi says it is all wrong and they shouldn’t accept gifts from men.

Sade offers to introduce Nana Yaa to many of her sugar daddys that can help her out with cars, trips to Dubai and Chanel bags. Ngozi says having sex with men for gifts is prostitution. Sade says the sex is a perk.

Nana Yaa ends up on a date with Philip Ofosu, thanks to Sade. Philip is 20 years older than Nana Yaa, he has been selling oil for 20 years and is very rich. Nana Yaa is mesmerized by him and the numerous gifts he gives her. {we also see that Nana Yaa has a job working for Citi FM 97.3 a local radio station (media company)}.

Makena goes on a date with George a man who left Canada to work in real estate in GHana. At the end of their date Makena is made to pay for half of their meal and include a tip for the waitress. She was utterly shocked and confused. (I felt for her during this scene, men in Ghana do pay that you get shocked when one doesn’t)

At the hair salon, Makena, tells the girls about her disaster date. She talks about how in Ghana she has gotten use to not paying when going out with a man, even though in London she had no problem going dutch.

Nana Yaa wonders if she owes Philip anything now that he is constantly sending her gifts. Zainab tells her that she will have to sleep with him eventually, Ngozi tells her to give back the gifts so she doesn’t become a prostitute and Sade tells her to get him to buy her a house.

While in the salon Sade sees her sugar daddy with another woman and tries not to be upset. But she later confides in Nana Yaa that she hates being one of many when she should be someone’s one and only.

Nana Yaa decides to get a loan instead of going the sugar daddy route. She stops taking Philips calls. (I think she made the right decision)







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