An African City: Season 1 Episode 3- An African Dump

african city 4

In this episode the girls talk about their disasters in dating.

The girls are helping Nana Yaa move into her new place and talking about dating. Nana Yaa says she is now looking for the perfect man to go with her perfect apartment. Sade tells her that now she has bought her own place Ghanaian men wont be interested in her. She is now too independent and men wont know what to do with her because they wont know how to feel like a provider.

Zainab talks about how she wants things that she cannot buy. She is looking for the perfect man to keep her company but she is having issues in the relationship department area of her life. Zainab discusses her issue with a guy named Bamidele. Bamidele was US educated and came back to Africa to launch an entertainment website. He was 34 and single, but her issue with him is that he snores too much and she couldn’t handle the noise (I don’t really see this as such a deal breaker. I guess it might have sounded like he was landing a plane).

Ngozi has a guy she met at church that keeps calling and hanging up quickly (it’s called flashing in Ghana) because he has no credit on his phone to call her. She also asked another guy if they were dating and he told her that they were not really dating but did go on dates sometimes and this confuses her.

Makena was dating Victor,  a 28 year old Oxford educated man, who had returned to Ghana to run his father’s pharmaceutical company. His problem was that while they were having sex he would sweat buckets all over Makena that she felt like she was in a tsunami.

Sade talks about dating a guy that constantly pulled on her hair and almost puller out her weave track.

Nana Yaa tells the girls about her perfect on paper guy named Kofi. He was a Harvard graduate, junior partner at a law firm in Accra. Her issue with Kofi was that every morning he had to use her bathroom and take a dump as he called it. A very loud dump that made too much noise, she called them African Dumps. She was contemplating dumping him.

Kofi calls to set up another date and Nana Yaa reluctantly agrees to give him another chance. (yall Nana Yaa and Kofi had such a heated make out scene in this episode to Jayso and Sarkodie’s song Pizza and Burgers. It’s a weird song choice but it really works for the scene.)

The next morning Nana Yaa was reconsidering dumping Kofi. She felt they had something special until he says he has to take a dump again. Nana Yaa tells him that he cant do that in her place and tells him to go home. They fight over the proper words for dump and toilet. She kicks him out.

Ngozi and Nana Yaa go out for drinks and Nana Yaa admits that she was wrong for the way she acted and she doesn’t blame Kofi for not calling her back.

Nana Yaa’s ex Segun enters the bar and comes up to her and asks how long she is back in town for. She tells him that she is back for good. He asks what brought her back to Ghana and she tells him she came back for work.

Once he leaves their side of the bar, Ngozi ask if Nana Yaa is ok and why she really broke up with Kofi. Nana Yaa admits that Kofi is not Segun, he is not her great love.





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