An African City: Season 1 Episode 1- The Return

african city 1

Nana Yaa has returned home to Ghana from New York where she has been living for many years.

On her return she has to deal with life in Ghana and how things vary from when she would just visit on vacation.

She meets up with her friends for dinner and talks about her fears of being back. She isn’t sure how she will survive without the comfort of things like Starbucks coffee. Nana Yaa seems to not know much about life in Ghana and needs help and advice from her friends. Her friends talk to her about the joys and pains of being back on the continent after being away for so many years. They talk about dealing with power outages (they are called dumsor in Ghana), water rationing and dealing with fake medicine being sold on the market.

Brief background on the girls:                                                                                                                        Zainab is a business woman that sells products like shea butter to people overseas         Ngozi works at USAid (an NGO)                                                                                                     Makena is an unemployed lawyer who is also recently divorced                                                       Sade doesnt say exactly what she does for a living but her father is a popular pastor in Nigeria                                                                                                                                                          Nana Yaa is the Minister of Energy’s daughter who is also a journalist

They ask Nana Yaa if she came back for her old boyfriend and she says no that she is back because Ghana is home, her first love, and the land of her birth.

They also talk about men in Ghana and how they are handsome but come with a lot of flaws, one being that they forget to tell you they are married, and expect you to be their maid and cook.

At the end of the episode Nana Yaa spots her ex boyfriend on a date and it becomes apparent that she didnt just come back to Ghana because it is home but that it is also where love is.




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